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Who’s Birthday is it, today?

Hiya, Welcome Back! This is my third week! It’s going pretty well, I think anyway. I don’t have all that much to say today, a lot on my mind that I’m keeping within my mind for the moment so let’s jump to this week’s question. (On a side note: being July 31st, Happy Birthday, Harry Potter! Yes, I’m a geek.)

What is your Dream Job?

My dream job is that of a published author. I want to write novels that are published and sell well enough to make a living. I don’t have to be the next top best-selling author, though that’d be nice if attainable. But truly, if I can reach just one person and give them another world to sink into, just for a little while, or let them know they’re not alone with whatever they’re struggling with, then I’ve done my job, I’ve met my goal.

For this week’s writing:

I sighed as I gazed around the large party once more. This really wasn’t my scene but it was my charge’s so I put up with it to ensure Mac’s safety.

But as I turned my gaze to my left, I noticed a young brunette woman staring in my direction. It wasn’t the leather jacket or the dark eyes that sent a chill down my spine. It was the spine. It was the sly smile that crept onto her face when she looked in my direction. No one was supposed to be able to see me. It was the only way I was able to do my job as well as I did.

I attempted to ignore her gaze, if I didn’t acknowledge her, she’d come to accept I was a figment of her imagination, right?

It appeared to work as she never approached me throughout the night, though I could feel her gaze on me more than once. But as I was following Mac out, knowing I had my work cut out for me for the rest of the night as he was clearly far too inebriated to look out for himself, she reappeared. This time, she looked directly at me and opened her mouth. I quickly cut her off, stepping out the door, close behind Mac. I knew no one else would be able to see me, making her look insane if she’d attempted to speak to me there. Plus I was still hoping that once she’d slept off the alcohol, she’d see me as a hallucination. But it did no good. Instead, she inserted herself into Mac’s group of friends, easily catching a ride with them to the next stop on this party train.

Early the next morning, far too early for anyone as drunk as she’d appeared to be the night before, she reappeared next to me. This time, we were alone and she didn’t allow me to disappear or cut her off, “What are you?”

I didn’t respond and her eyes narrowed, “I know you’re there in front of me. I also know that apparently no one else can see you except me. So again, what are you?”

This time I answered in order to prevent her from making a scene, “I’m a Guardian.”

“A Guardian Angel?”

I snorted, “Hell no. I’m a Guardian. Guardian Angels are the ones with wings and most see themselves as holier than thou. I’m simply a Guardian. I guard the lives of those that are a part of another realm.”

“Another Realm? Mac, seriously?”

“It’s kind of hidden on purpose, toots.”

“Don’t call me toots, and don’t patronize me. What is this realm and why do people from it need protecting.”

“Can’t tell you any more without you being a member of the Realm. I don’t know why you can see me but clearly it’ll need to be corrected.”

Her dark brown eyes narrowed once more, “What do you mean corrected?”

I remained silent and just then, Mac entered.

She turned to him, “What’s this about you being from another Realm.”

Mac froze before putting the puzzle pieces together, his kind always absorbing the alcohol ridiculously fast and as such, his fast mind completely unhindered by it.

“Why can you see Harry?”

“That’s his name? He wouldn’t tell me anything more than that he’s a Guardian, they’re not like Guardian Angels and that they guard those from another Realm.”

“That’s cuz it’s illegal for anyone from this Realm to know about our Realm.”

“He also said the fact I can see him would be corrected.”

“Duh. Can’t have you endangering us.”

“What do you mean, endangering? It’s not like I’m going to go off half-cocked and tell anyone about all of this.”

“Sorry, Soph, can’t just take your word for it.” © Paula Crofoot

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Forgiveness or Not?

Hiya! Welcome back to PEP. For the moment, I’ll just be posting weekly while I sort out what exactly I am doing. I’ve never blogged before, really, so this is all new to me. Some days I’ll have a lot to say and other days, I’ll be using jump-off points as I’ll still want to blog but nothing will have happened that I want to write about. Today is one of the latter days. Because I’m me and I either go big or go home, I’m going deep on this first one.

How easy is it for you to forgive those who have caused you pain?

My answer is honestly a bit of a mixed bag on this one. It really depends on what kind of pain they’ve caused me. If they’ve hurt me in a way that I see as betrayal or back-stabbing, then it can actually take a very, very long time for me to forgive them, if I forgive them at all. If they’ve just hurt my feelings or something else relatively minor, then I’ll likely forgive them within a week or two. However, though I forgive, I do have a long memory. I remember any time someone hurts me and it simply changes my trust level with them. Though honestly, I will be first to admit I struggle with trust issues. One thing though, if someone hurts someone I love, I will never forgive them. As I said, I struggle trusting others so if I do care for someone and they are hurt, I will never forgive the person that hurt them.

For this week’s question: How easy or hard is it for ya’ll to make friends?

For this week’s writing: Remember, completely unedited beyond minimum grammar.

“But I saw you die. How are you still alive?”

“I’m not.”

“What?! You’re standing right in front of me! That qualifies as alive to me!”

“I’m standing in front of you. But I’m not alive. I’m not breathing, my heart no longer beats.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Louis stepped forward and gently took Gwen’s much smaller hand in one of his. He pressed it against his chest, amazed at just how much smaller than his it was. How had he never noticed before? He felt her hand tremble as she realized that there was truly no heartbeat nor was his chest moving in the familiar rhythm of breathing.


“I’m not entirely sure myself, love. But I remember waking up in the hospital morgue with all of the other dead bodies. It was quite the fight to get out of the small freezer, I’ll tell you that much. I didn’t know where else to go so I came here, to you. Along the way, I discovered that I had in fact died, which was my last memory before waking up. I don’t know how I’m here or why this happened.”

Gwen stepped forward, taking both of Louis’ larger hands in her’s, “We’ll figure it out together. I won’t leave you alone, Louis.” © Paula Crofoot

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The Beginning

Welcome to PEP: Paula’s Eclectic Paradise. This will be my landing pad for various little things. You’ll find stuff from pieces of my writing, more than likely unedited-raw-drafts, pictures and information about my pieces I sell from my shop, Imaginative HandiCrafts, pictures I find interesting, posts on topics I find interesting, little blurbs from my personal life such as hobbies, music I enjoy or the latest book I’ve read. There are two rules of this Haven. One is an Author’s note: Everything here is covered under copyright law. That means if you take something of mine, I can pursue my legal rights as everything here is my copyrightable literary works. Another rule of this Haven is NO bullying, for any reason, or politics. When I say no politics, I mean I will not be posting anything about anything to do with politicians, their families or anything more than perhaps a big law change that will affect hundreds of people. I am in the United States of America so you can imagine why I’m distancing this piece of paradise from that topic. I realize I cannot stop others from posting about politics in comments but I will not reply nor will I allow a political battle begin here. I will also not tolerate bullying on here, in any of my own posts or in any comments to any of my posts. There is enough bullying in both real life and cyber without adding anymore here. I am happy to take any topic suggestions to dedicate a post to, provided I actually know something about it or am interested enough to do some research. Don’t feel afraid to offer an idea, no matter how bizarre, this place is called eclectic for a reason.

Here’s a question for ya’ll, my reader,: If I see answers by my next post, I’ll give my own answer, please don’t be afraid, I want to hear from ya’ll: What fictional place would you most like to go?

            Here is one of my latest pieces, completely unedited:

It was an unlikely couple that ran away together. Many hadn’t even realized the young woman and young man knew each other, much less were romantically involved. However, what they also didn’t know was that they weren’t a couple. They were each other’s escape from a life of hell for him and a life of tediousness for her. They’d met a few years before, freshman year of high school but kept their friendship a secret as she was a cheerleader and he was a punk outcast. They saw so much more within each other though and were fast friends after that one detention. It was widely known that cheerleaders couldn’t be friends with punk outcasts and vice versa. They both knew the effect it would have on the school if it had been found they were friends, and not a good effect. Finally, they’d reached the end of their rope and they’d earned their diplomas. The only thing they were waiting for was graduation and they’d both agreed walking the stage was unnecessary. As such, he packed up his backpack and duffel bag, containing everything he owned, ducked out on his aunt and uncle and met her at the park. She was carrying a touch more with a small suitcase on wheels in addition to a backpack and duffel bag. But she also had the wheels, for the moment. They knew they wouldn’t get far in her convertible as they would be looking for it. But their plan was to sell the car at the next big city, take the train out of state and buy another car then, preferably a jeep that would be able to go off road and from there; they didn’t really have a plan. But she’d taken all the money out of her trust fund that she could access over the last three years in preparation for this day and they knew they’d be set for a little while. Long enough to get themselves together and on their feet anyway. It was the last anyone heard of Alyssa Brown and Cody Longsome for 10 years.© Paula Crofoot

An image I found on the web that caught my attention: Comment if you see it?