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PEP’s New Home

Hi Ya’ll! Paula’s Eclectic Paradise officially has a new home! It’s still on wordpress but it’s upgraded and hosted so if you’ll follow me there, you’ll get not only my new writing but other posts I’ll be writing, including but not limited to baking, cooking, animals, books, movies, music, and other hobbies as well as my businesses.

I look forward to seeing ya’ll there!

Paula Crofoot – home page -first post


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Pain: Emotional or Physical, Which is Worse?

Hey, ya’ll! I’m working on the new blog at its new site: but it’s taking longer than I expected so it’ll be a little bit before it’s up and running. I will let ya’ll know when it is up and running. So, for this week, we’ll just do a short piece of writing to hold us all over until the new blog is up and running.
So, without further ado:

“Which is worse,” she wondered, “Emotional pain or physical pain?”
He gazed at her through swollen eyes before cracking his bloody lips open, “I’d say emotional pain.”
She quirked an eyebrow at her victim, “Really? Why is that?”
“Bruises, cuts, broken bones, pulled muscles, they all heal eventually. But words, the damage they do, they don’t. Even if they appear to heal, they can be reopened. A stab in the back, to use the old saying, can’t be healed. You’ll always remember what that person did to you and never trust them again. That relationship will be unrepairable.”
She tapped her chin with a sharp manicured fingernail in consideration.
“I suppose that’s true. Then you should be feeling double the pain right now, shouldn’t you?”
He remained silent, refusing to give her the satisfaction. He was bent, not broken. People in hell would be receiving ice water before he let her break him.
“Oh, staying silent on that, are we? No matter, you’ll bend to my will soon enough.”
She left through the door he’d yet to figure out how it opened. Of course, being shackled to the wall and unable to properly examine it hindered that attempts.
© Paula Crofoot

What are your thoughts? Personally, I agree with my captive, emotional is worse as it hurts just as bad but takes longer, if ever, to heal.

I promise the wait for the new website will be worth it. The site itself will be upgraded with better ads, can’t escape them completely but they shouldn’t be intrusive, the content will be better as it’ll be more focused but not quite so OCD as it currently is. I’ll see ya’ll next week.