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My Cat Pride

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP! Here is, as promised, my tale of my cats.

My Pride

Also there will be a link to this week’s Wednesday’s Weird Tales of the Unknown later today. It’s one I haven’t put here on PEP so definitely check it out.

‘Til Next Time, Friends.

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Shattered Rose Glasses

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP!

Here’s the link for this week’s Short story on Monday. The link to the latest story in my Sunday Fabricated Stories publication is also there. It’s a story none of ya’ll have read before so definitely check it out! The link is a special link that should let you all over to read, let me know if it doesn’t.

Rose Shattered Glasses

Shattered Rose Colored Glasses

‘Til Next Time, Friends!

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Wednesday’s Weird Tales of the Unknown

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to PEP!

For those that follow me and will be getting two notifications of a post, I apologize. I don’t know what’s going on with the site today but the last post published oddly so I’m doing another before deleting that one. So, sorry for the ‘spam’.

I’m just dropping in with a quick note that my latest story on Medium is live! So click the link below and check it out. If you’re a member of Medium, be sure to clap for it if you like it!

Wednesday’s Weird Tales of the Unknown

‘Til next time, Friends!