About Me

Hey Ya’ll! I’m a young Texan Woman who even as I run my own businesses still enjoys living life to the fullest. The first thing about me you should know is that I am me. I haven’t let anyone change me and I don’t plan on it. Some may say I’m crazy but one person’s version of crazy is another’s normal so who are we to judge others?
I enjoy writing, baking, cooking, crafting, reading, gardening, DIY, and music. I have multiple hobbies, including my miniature universe and being outdoors. My love of writing began when I was 6 or 8. I am currently pursuing a career as a published author and ya’ll will get first looks as various short pieces I publish here. I love animals hence my company Paula’s Pet Paradise and my love of crafting and fantasy led to Fantastical Designs. I am also a Southern Baptist who loves Jesus.
I am also currently working on bettering my life in several areas and as you visit this blog, you’ll be going on that journey with me. I hope it’ll help ya’ll as well. I enjoy life but am struggling to live it to the fullest and that journey you’ll go on with me if you desire.