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Monday Short Tale: What is Love?

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven.

Silence fell over the group of friends. 

Finally, Anna asked, “What did you ask again, Twyla?” 

“I asked what is love? In your own perspective, what is love?” 

Owen answered, “Painful but worth it.” 

Lila responded, “A roller coaster ride.” 

Michael hesitated but voiced, “never-ending.”

“An emotional minefield.” 

Anna received several nods of consideration with her answer but it was Skye’s answer that cast silence over the friends once more. 

“Love is a neurochemical con job.” 

Skye could see wheels turning in Owen and Anna’s minds, Lila and Michael opened their mouths a couple of times, clearly trying to come up with a response. 

Twyla blinked, looking at Skye’s deadpan face, clearly she meant what she said. 

Michael finally asked, “A neurochemical con job? Uh, wanna explain that?” 

“Love is all in the mind, making it a neurochemical process. It’s not real, despite what media wants you to believe. It’s something our minds fool us into believing  so we’ll believe we’re happy depending on other people. Honestly, we’re all independent humans, just as humanity is. As such, it’s a con job, only instead of a person being the conman(woman); it’s our own brain.” 

No one honestly knew how to respond to that but it was clear Skye truly believed her own words. 

Anna finally mustered, “How do you explain the love between a mother and child, between friends?” 

“That isn’t love. That’s affection that convinces a mother to care for a helpless child and the child shares the affection as the mother is caring for it. Friendship is simply a bond between packmates that support one another. Humans aren’t that far departed from animal-kind after all.” 

Owen finally decided to change the subject before they ventured into anything more dangerous. 

“Anyone want to see a movie?” 


©Paula Crofoot

Now of course Skye’s perception of love isn’t my personal viewpoint on love. But it was quite interesting writing from the point of view of such an anti-love character. Kinda makes you wonder why she’s so anti-love, doesn’t it? 

‘Til Next Time! 


Kiss Me. Kiss me as if it were the last time.

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Wednesday Writing Prompts: Kiss; Fake; Love

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven!

Here’s another set of writing prompts for the romance genre. 


_You gotta stop doing that._ _What__ _Saying things that make me wanna kiss you._
“You gotta stop doing that.” “What?” “Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.”


He transformed her into the perfect fake-girlfriend… only to fall for the real her.
He transformed her into the perfect fake girlfriend… only to fall for the real her. 


_Love is scary. This feeling of falling terrifies me. The only way it ends is with hitting the ground._ _Not if I catch you._ _You can't catch me if you're falling with me._ _Darling, I started fa
“Love is scary. This feeling of falling terrifies me. The only way it ends is with hitting the ground.” “Not if I catch you.” “You can’t catch me if you’re falling with me.” “Darling, I started falling long before you did.”


Have fun! 

‘Til Next Time! 



Valentine's Day is a time a people expressed their love for one another, not only for couples but it can be a favorite pet, uncle, friend, most of all the one that rules your heart.



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Monday Short Tale: Wooing the Were Way.

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven! 

Here is our Monday Short Tale for the week. Keeping with the theme of February, it’ll be a romantic piece. 

Reggi sighed in exasperation as she opened her door. There was yet another plant on her doorstep. She wasn’t sure where these plants were coming from but the slightly wilted potato plants made number 5. She scooped them up and closed her door, deciding to try leaving for work in a moment. First, she needed to put these potato plants in a bit of water in hopes of being able to replant them after work. 

Once she’d done so and washed her hands, she tried heading out the door once more, needing to leave for work now if she didn’t want to be late. 

She made it out without further issue. She dialed her best friend Mercedes, using the sync system in her car, needing to give her the latest update on the plant shenanigans. 

“Hi, Reggi. I’m guessing you found another plant?” 

“How’d you know?” 

“You never call this early otherwise.” 

“Yes, potato plants this time. Honestly, who is doing this and what are they hoping to gain from it?” 

“I’m more curious as to where they’re finding these plants. From what you showed me, they look like they’re freshly picked.” 

“Sometimes even as a whole plant, such as the potato plants today. The roots were still connected!” 

“Are you going to try to replant them?” 

“That’s my hope. I set the roots in some water before leaving, hoping it’ll still be savable after work. The poor things were already wilting though so who knows.” 

“Only you. Anyone else wouldn’t care about the wilting. They’d just pick the potatoes and dump the rest.” 

“The potatoes aren’t mature enough for picking. Add to that the fact it would be total waste to just dump the rest of the plant when it can produce more potatoes this season.” 

“And only you would know that the potatoes aren’t ready.” 

“I’m not the only one that would know that but I need to know these things if I’m going to continue as a vegetarian.” 

“Bleh. Each to their own.” 

“Exactly. You eat your meat, I’ll eat my plants. I’m here at work so I’ll talk to you later.” 

“Talk to you later. We’ll see what happens next.” 


Glenn noticed, pleased, as he put the next plant on the doorstep that the potato plants from the day before were in her garden. It might not be the customary wooing of a mate but when your chosen one doesn’t eat meat, you adapt. He’d question her fit as a mate of his kind except he’d already discovered she wasn’t one of those righteous vegetarians who looked down those who ate meat and everything else about her sang right to his instincts. He only hoped she’d like this plant as much as she’d liked those cauliflowers she’d made into pasta a few days before. 


Opening the door, “Oh, Come on! This has to stop!” 

Reggi heaved the rather large branch inside, made all the heavier by the fact it bore several apples. She left the branch in the kitchen, there was no saving it and picking the apples right now would only hasten their going bad. Though she did grab one, douse in the sink before heading out with it as a snack. 

She immediately called Mercedes and before Mercedes could get out much more than a hi, “We have to stop this!” 

“Hon, what happened? This wasn’t bothering you yesterday, or this entire last week.” 

“That was before I had an entire branch from an apple tree on my doorstep.” 


“An apple tree branch?” 


“As in a branch totally chopped off an apple tree, not the apples in a basket.” 

“Yes, as in a branch that is currently sitting on the linoleum of my kitchen for lack of anywhere else to put it or time.” 

Silence again. 

Then Reggi huffed as Mercedes broke into loud laughter. 

Once she’d eventually calmed, Reggi declared, “Are you ready to help me now?” 

“Sorry, sorry. That’s just freakin’ hilarious” 

“No, it’s not. A branch today, what will it be tomorow?” 

“You’re not seriously thinking whoever this is will bring you the tree next?” 

“It’s possible! That’s what scares me. A bunch of carrots, a few tomatoes, a couple of bunches of cauliflower, a few bunches of grapes. Then suddenly potato plants. And now a apple tree branch? Who knows what’s next! We need to find who’s doing this and stop them.” 

“Alright, alright. We’ll start with a ring doorbell. That will not only grab video evidence but will also chime to let you know they’re there. You can confront them then.” 

“Can you help me after work?” 

“Yes. I’ll meet you at your house with a doorbell.” 


Glenn dropped into a crouch to the side of the door, dropping his latest gift, when he heard a chime. 

Suddenly, the door opened and his mate stepped out. He pressed further back into the house, keeping in the shadows. 

“Who’s there! I know someone’s there. My doorbell caught your movement and these ears of corn weren’t there when I went to bed.” 

Glenn winced as he heard the frustration in her voice. 

He stood and stepped out of the shadows. 


Reggi’s jaw dropped as one of the hottest guys at her work stepped out. Dark brown hair always looking like he’d just gotten out of bed, light blue eyes either smoldering or icy, tall and well muscled, it was well known around the office that Glenn was one of the most wanted men. 

“You’re leaving the plants, but why??” 

“You don’t eat meat. So the best thing I could hunt for was plants, never mind that it’s technically gathering and not hunting.” 

“Okay… But that still doesn’t explain why you’re leaving plants on my doorstep.” 

“It’s what my people do when we’re interested in someone.” 

“Your people? What happened to simply asking someone out?” 

“We’re not inclined to that kind of social behavior. We’ve integrated among the normals but there are still many things we hold over.” 

Reggi crossed her arms, “You still didn’t answer my question of your people. And what do you mean ‘the normals’?” 

“There are many heritages of people among what we call normals, people that don’t have the gifts or heritages. My people are Weres.” 

Reggi took a step back, “Weres? as in werewolves? Like Twilight?” 

Glen crossed his arms, scowling, eyes now icy, “Yes, like werewolves but also other breeds. And no, not like that fiction series. Those books are an insult to my people. And even worse to the vampire clans.” 

Reggi paused, mind struggling to make sense of this. She supposed that he was clearly right in that they weren’t like the books. After all, nowhere in those books did werewolves leave plants on doorsteps. He clearly meant her no harm so she supposed it’d be alright for her to give him a chance. Provided of course… 

“Alright. I’ll give this a chance. But you need to actually ask me out and no more plants on my doorstep.” 

Glen grinned, blue eyes now smoldering, “Fair enough. Are you free this Friday night? Besides, now I can give them to you directly.” 

“Yes, I’m free this Friday night.”

Reggi resigned herself to never needing to worry about spending too much on vegetables and fruit again. 

~Fin(For Now) 

©Paula Crofoot

That’s all for now. I don’t know, I may write more on this in the future. Glenn and Reggi have kind of caught my attention now. Comment below if you want more.

Also, it’s still a work in progress but Simply Haven & Paradise now has a community page on Facebook.  Simply Paradise & Haven Please feel free to comment there as well. I’m hoping to build it into the community page that I can’t yet develop here where we can all chat and get to know each other. 

‘Til Next Time! 


The undertaking of a new action brings new strength.





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Wednesday’s Writing Prompts: Roses; Assignments; Loved

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

Now, this month’s theme is that of romance. However, that doesn’t mean all of my writing prompts are going to be ooey gooey lovey dovey. Instead, there will be some romantic, some with a twist, and some sad. I’ll be mixing it up so look forward to that! 


She opened her apartment door to hundreds of roses. She knew they were from him; he had found her.
She opened her apartment door to hundreds of roses. She knew they were from him; he had found her. 


_Just my luck to get stuck with an assignment on Valentine's Day._ _Oh, quit whining. It's not like you're seeing anyone._
“Just my luck to get stuck with an assignment on Valentine’s Day.” “Oh, quit whining. It’s not like you’re seeing anyone.” 


She loved them. That's why she had to kill them.
She loved them. That’s why she had to kill them. 


Have fun! I look forward to seeing what you do with them. 

‘Til Next Time! 



Reach for it. Push yourself as far as you can.


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Monday Short Tale: Gus and the Class Bully: The End.

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

Here’s the final piece of Gus and the Class Bully. I think it’s not quite the usual happy ending but it’s not a sad ending. 

Theodore Black yawned as he pulled his car into the parking lot of the local high school where he was a coach. He tried to focus on the day ahead but all he could think of was that night. He couldn’t believe it’d been 10 years since he’d graduated high school. If you’d asked him 10 years before, he would never have expected to work at a high school. When he walked off the campus after graduation, he’d planned to never step foot on a school campus again. Especially after what he’d done in junior year to his old friend.

But that had changed him and when he’d graduated high school, he’d gone to college for exercise science, planning on becoming a coach for young men, wanting to do something to prevent what had happened to Gus at the hands of his friends and himself. He simply hadn’t expected to be at a high school. He was careful, however, to not be at his former high school. With some time and distance, he’d realized Gus vanishing wasn’t entirely on him or his classmates, though he certainly wasn’t diminishing their roles. The teachers had never done anything, if anything, they’d added to it. So, he refused to return.


That evening, Theodore walked into the gymnasium, feeling a pit form in his stomach. He hadn’t seen anyone from his high school beyond social media in the last 8 years.

The pit only grew bigger as he noticed the cat got the cream look on the face of the woman at the check in desk. He recognized her, Ella Gordon, former head cheerleader. But he didn’t know why she would be so gleeful, according to her FB profile, she’d just gone through a divorce.

She saw him, recognizing Theodore Black, former quarterback, and knew the pieces had just come together.

He signed in before heading deeper into the gym.


Theodore turned, holding a plastic glass with white wine, before the cup fell out of his sudden slack fingers. He stared, blue eyes glassy, skin clammy and suddenly pale. It’d been years, but he would know him anywhere. Standing just a few feet from him was Gus Maxwell. Black hair now long and tied in the back, green eyes bright even as he stood by the punch table, observing the crowd, Gus looked great.

Green and blue eyes met, immediate recognition sparking.

Theodore cautiously stepped towards Gus. When he didn’t step back, Theodore approached him, coming within conversation range.

“Hi, Gus.”

“Hello, Theodore.”

An awkward silence covered the two men.

Theodore finally broke it.

“How have you been?”

“I’ve been doing well. I just finished an indie film.”

“A film, oh, you’re a director?”

“No, I’m a filmmaker. I started out shooting pictures but then discovered film. I attended film school, learning everything that’s needed to run the cameras that film the movies everyone watches. Then I’ve worked hard but now I have regular projects coming in, still shooting portraits and the like on the side.”

Gus gestured to the clearly expensive camera pack hanging across his body before asking, “What do you do?”

“I’m a coach, actually. I coach boys’ basketball and soccer at La Granger High School in La Granger, a few hours east of here.”

Gus was clearly surprised.

“You’re a coach?”


Theodore hesitated before being truthful.

“I studied exercise science with the idea of being a coach to prevent what those old friends and I did. I hadn’t expected to be at a high school but that’s just how the cards fell.”

“To prevent what you and your old friends did?”

Gus had inferred that what Theodore was talking about was him disappearing but wanted Theodore to say it.

“The way we bullied you, along with the entire class and the teachers, to the point of breaking down in the middle of the halls and vanishing. I’m sorry.”

Gus was surprised. When he’d received an invitation to the ten-year reunion despite not having graduated with the class, he’d come just to see how everyone was doing. He had hoped to not run into Theodore and had never expected an apology from him.

“Apology accepted.”

Tension flowed out of Theodore he hadn’t even realized he was carrying.

They spent a few hours chatting with each other and with other former classmates.

At the end of the night, Theodore parted ways with Gus, not to see him in person again for several years. He friended him on social media, being accepted, but that was the extent of it. But at least the guilt from 11 years before was assuaged and he was actively working to prevent it from happening again.

Gus accepted Theodore’s friend request and saw him follow him on a couple of platforms. But while he’d accepted his apology, that didn’t mean he wanted to be buddy buddy with him. Their old friendship was long cold, and he doubted it could ever be reignited. But at least his primary bully had finally apologized. The pain he’d been carrying all these years even as he’d grown more and more successful in his passion was finally soothed.


©Paula Crofoot

I think this is kind of a realistic ending. You’ll notice Gus accepted Theodore’s apology but he never said it was okay or that he forgave him. That doesn’t mean that Gus hasn’t forgiven him but it’s never okay to do to someone what Theodore and the rest of the class did to Gus. 

The rest of February, I’ll be writing a short story to do with the theme of hte month which is romance. Partially because of Valentine’s Day but also because the novel idea that I’ll be writing next month is my first romance. I’ve written, as of yet unpublished, novels with relationships and some romance but this one it’ll be one of hte primary plots. So that’s something new. 

‘Til Next Time! 



Love and desire are the spirit's wings to great deeds.

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Wednesday Writing Prompts: Arrest; Keyhole; Water;

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

Here are your weekly writing prompts, have fun! 


Am I under arrest or not_
Am I under arrest or not? 


There's a door with a single keyhole-it will open regardless of what key you use to unlock it. All keys will open this door. What's on the other side, however, depends on the key.
There’s a door with a single keyhole-it will open regardless of what key you use to unlock it. All keys will open this door. What’s on the other side, however, depends on the key. 


She hated the water. Hated it with a passion and never knew why. Until she discovered the box in the attic.
She hated the water. Hated it with a passion and never knew why. Until she discovered the box in the attic. 


Sorry these are a little late today. I’m doing some set-up, scheduling and planning for Simply Paradise & Haven and this week’s posts didn’t get scheduled like they usually do. What I’ve got planned, though, will be worth it. 

‘Til Next Time!


Today is the only day. Yesterday is gone.

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Wednesday Writing Prompts: Cradle; Backpacking; Jewel

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to SP&H! Here are your weekly writing prompts, enjoy! 


They were best friends from cradle to grave.
They were best friends from cradle to grave. 


While backpacking across Europe, you stop in a small town where the locals are dealing with a fairly minor nuisance. You decide to help them and easily solve their problem before moving on.
While backpacking across Europe, you stop in a small town where the locals are dealing with a fairly minor nuisance. You decide to help them and easily solve their problem before moving on. 30 years later, you go back to discover you’ve been immortalized as a mythic hero to the town. 


_Just forget this stupid jewel and run!_
“Just forget this stupid jewel and run!”


Have fun, friends! Comment down below if you use any of these prompts and want to share. 

‘Til Next Time! 



There is nothing impossible to him who will try.




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Monday Short Tale: Gus and the Class Bully.

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to SP&H! 

Here is this week’s Short Tale. 

Gus hunched his shoulders forward, right hand clasping the strap of his bookbag tightly, as he made his way through the hallway. He could hear his peers snickering at him, talking about him even as he tried to slip through the crowd unnoticed. He knew it was his latest performance in Algebra II that everyone had found to be the newest joke. 

No matter how hard he tried, they only laughed at him. Whether it was math class or drama class, he was always the class joke, yet not the class clown. He was a game to them, he doesn’t matter to them. He was reaching his breaking point, something had to give. His only saving grace was his cameras. He had long lost interest in filming or photographing his classmates, but the rest of this town provided some good pictures and good film. Now, he just needed to get out of here before this school destroyed everything he had left. 

He flinched as he was shoved in the back, barely keeping himself from falling on his face. His grip tightened on his bag, he’d prefer them break his nose than break his camera in his bag.

He felt his shoulder be grabbed, yanking his body around in an 180 to face the junior class bully, Theodore.

Theodore sneered, “What do we have here.”

Gus resisted his wince, he hated facing off with Theodore. They had been friends once upon a time, before Theodore became the class bully, leaving him behind.  

“What do you want, Theodore.” 

“Why do you keep clogging up our hallways? We barely have enough room in this school without people like you taking up space.” 

“I’m simply trying to get through high school like you.” 

“But you’re not like us, are you? We’d be better off without the likes of you around.” 

With that, Theodore shoved Gus hard enough, his feet went out from under him, sending him backwards. His  bag landed on top of him, to his relief of it not hitting the floor and immediate horror as one of Theodore’s lackeys snatched his bag out of his grasp and tossed it to Theodore. 

Theodore scavenged in it, “Let’s see what’s so important in this bag that this freak guards it, never letting it out of his hands.” 

Gus paled as Theodore pulled his camera out. That camera had cost him three paychecks from his dead end part time job and was one of his only escapes. 

His heart stopped as Theodore threw the camera down on the floor shattering the lenses.

Apparently deciding that was enough damage, Theodore tossed his bag down and told his lackeys, “Let’s go guys.”

Gus pulled himself up to crouch over his broken camera, unable to hold the tears back. There was no way he’d be able to afford a new lenses for his camera. He’d lost one of his most important pieces to his very being.

Theodore squashed the small part of him that still existed of Gus’ old friend that felt any guilt over how he and his lackeys left Gus crying in the hallway.

-To Be Continued

©Paula Crofoot

That ended up being more than I expected so I think I’ll continue this piece next week. There’s still a lot more for Gus and Theodore. Not to mention, what happened to Theodore that he became the class bully? Why did he cut his friendship with Gus off? Why is Gus the class joke to everyone? What’s so different about him? So, I’ll be continuing this tale.

‘Til Next Time!



Change your thoughts and you change your world.

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Wednesday Writing Prompts: Brother; Serial; Burned

As promised, here’s your weekly writing prompts. Have Fun!

_Daddy, I want a little brother!_ my little princess demanded. The next day, we took a trip to the playground so she could pick him out herself.
“Daddy, I want a little brother!” my little princess demanded. The next day we took a trip to the playground so she could pick him out herself.


The news said they finally caught the serial killer based on a police sketch.
The news said they finally caught the serial killer based on a police sketch. The poor bastard looked just like me. 


_Just Trust Me._
“Just trust me.” “The last time you said that, my house burned down.” “Yeah, but you didn’t die.” “That’s not the point!” 

‘Til Next Time! 



The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

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Monday Short Tale: A Failed Haunting

Hey, Ya’ll! 

A bump sounded above Jan’s head but she didn’t even blink.

Another bump sounded from the direction of the stairs and she simply shouted, “Cut it out!”

When yet another thump sounded, this time from dining room, Jan simply turned up the TV volume, never mind the fact she wasn’t actually watching it as involved in her current book as she was.

She never once considered it to be anything dangerous.  In her home, regardless of where it was, bumps and crashes in other rooms were simply a part of her life. 

Meanwhile, in the dining room resided one frustrated ghost. He was stewing over hte lamp he’d just shoved off the side table, ignoring the stare of the fluffy creature he’d heard be called Snowball. 

The ghost huffed in frustation. He’d been haunting this house for decades. For years, he’d successfully run the living out of his territory.

This new woman moved in six months ago and he’d yet to even get a jump of fright from her. He couldn’t understand it. Not even his scratches on the floor in the dark of the night woke her up. These furry creatures she’d brought with her could see him, though they weren’t any more scared than she was.

He actually hated them. Any time one of them was in the room with him, they would just stare at him with their unblinking eyes. Quite unnerving, really.

He had no idea what these were or why this woman would have these creatures with her. Beyond staring at him, he’d only seen them sleep for hours at a time, eat and drink out of a couple of bowls on the kitchen counter, bat balls and mice that smelled funny around the entire house and chase things that even he couldn’t see. They were completely unproductive, unlike the dogs previous living inhabitants had had. Those had been fun to play with.

Or so he thought.

That evening, pushed to the brink by his lack of reaction, he decided to move to one of his more dangerous antics. He usually saved this trick for when he was ready to get the living out of his house. It never got them out immediately but certainly started giving them the clue.

When the woman had gone to bed, in his bedroom no less, he floated up through the floor. Once he was certain she was asleep, which took her forever with the books she was always carrying around, he picked up his pickaxe. He swung for the footboard, certain this would scare her.

He jolted, nearly dropping the pickaxe, when a horrendous yowl sounded from the white fluffy creature in the bed. He’d thought it had been asleep as well. The woman sat up at the sound, flicking on a light, looking to see what had caused Princess to make such a horrible noise. He’d never heard such a noise.

When Jan didn’t see anything, she petted Princess on the head, figuring it was another no-see-them and laid back down. She shortly dozed back to sleep.

The ghost lifted his pickaxe once more, determined to get this woman to notice him.

But before he could bring it down, Princess launched herself off the bed and at his face. He dropped his pickaxe, the sharp weapon dissipating immediately. He struggled to grab this creature and get it off his face. He fell through the wall, the living creature remaining in the bedroom. He stumbled to a stop, holding his injured face. How did that creature manage to hurt him?! He figured he was in the clear, thinking that it was trapped in the room. He’d not only neglected to realize the bedroom door was open but had forgotten there was more than one of these creatures in this house. As he turned to go down the hall, he tripped and fell on his face. He rolled over and looked down in time to see the black one of these creatures launch itself at his face. He blocked the attack with his arms and shoved the creature away.

He yelped as he felt something slice him on one leg, drawing ecto-blood, then something slice him on the other. He looked down to see the two white ones, Snowball and Princess, snarling even as they continued scratching. He dropped hte black one, still hissing and swiping, on top of one of the white ones and scrambled to his feet. He jumped the balcony, floating easily down to the first floor, figuring he’d escape the creatures for a while. Try to haunt the woman again once the sun came up.

But he hadn’t calculated for the agility and cunning of these creatures. While the black one, called Midnight, launched itself off the balcony, landing on his head, claws tearing into his skull, the other two tore down the stairs.

Yelling in pain, he got the black one off his head and even as all three bit and tore at his legs, he ran for the front door, phasing through the door, leaving the creatures inside.

He disappeared into the night, never to be seen in that home again.

Jan never knew what had nearly happened to her that night, sleeping even through the hissing, yowling, bumps and crashes. 

After all, such noises in the night were normal when you live with cats.


©Paula Crofoot

As one that lives with cats, while I don’t hear these noises in the middle of the night, I do have hear them all the time any other time. Well, minus the yowling and hissing, my two get along pretty well 90% of the time. There’s a reason my figurines and other breakables are no longer on tables since I’m currently living in a rental with faux-wood floors in 80% of the house. 

What did you think? Comment below if you have cats. I’d love to hear your tales. 

I promise that later this week will be a post about not only my 2020 goals, my hopes for the coming decade but also to explain the future of Simply Paradise & Haven. I totally meant to do it this last week but I’m still working to get everything organized for the next year and get back into a working mentality after the long holiday period. As I mentioned, my holidays start at October 1st and continue until the new year. I’ve spent the last couple of months amongst the holidays coming up with plans for 2020 but I still need to outline them and figure out details to make them happen. So look for that post later this week along with this week’s writing prompts. Ya’ll love those posts and I enjoy doing them so those posts will definitely continue so long as I have prompts to give. 

‘Til Next Time! 



The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.