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2020 Goals: Challenges; Movies; Research; IHC; PPP; SP&H;

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

This’ll be my last in depth post on my 2020 goals. All future posts on my goals will be update posts which I plan to do at least one a month with a quick update. Probably the last Friday of each month. 

My challenges goal is simple enough. I’ve found a few personal and a few health challenges on Pinterest. Each month I’m challenging myself to a personal challenge and to a health challenge. By personal, I mean like January was list challenge, I made a list each day of whatever the theme for that day was. It was a bit of a journaling challenge. I’m also doing a self-care challenge, organizing challenge, simplicity challenge, flash fiction challenge, drawing challenge, Inktober challenge. I’m challenging myself to become better, whether it’s better at taking care of myself, better at drawing, better at writing, I’m actively working to better myself. The health challenges tie in with that as well along with my weight goal.  There’s a glow up challenge, flexibility, abs, plank, legs, yoga, waist, arms, butt and leg, different abs, spell your name-which that one will kick my butt with how long my name is except I left it to December on purpose, and a general work out challenge. I’ve also chosen a few to be year long-such as the drawing/water color challenge on Doodlewash, 12 month Better You, 12 month Money, 52 weeks of Gratitude. Now, I’m not aiming to hit every single day, that’s just not possible for more than one challenge, 366 days. But rather, I’m aiming for at least 50% each month. I’ll still better myself doing that much. 

My movies goal is also simple. It’s also more than just 2020. One movie goal is to see every single Disney movie there is. I have a list of the animated and non-animated I found via Pinterest and a couple of other sites. I can post it here if any of you are interested. But not only are there hundreds of movies but some are really old and will be difficult to find. Fortunately, I own a lot of the animated movies from the ’90s forward. Obviously, I’m not making that one this year so the end date for that one is 2024. Yes, I think it’ll take me 4 years to watch all of them. The other movie goal is to watch the entire Marvel universe, in order. That one I will be doing this year.

My research goal is equally simple. I have a lot of different interests. So every other month, I’ll be picking a few interest to research in depth. January/February is Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder. I’m fascinated with how the mind works. But because my library, despite the multiple branches being connected, doesn’t have a lot of literature on that topic, I’m also researching hoarding. I’m also researching dogs, cats, and other house pets. I’m expanding my knowledge for my career but also looking at breeds and such that I may like to own in the future. If you have any pets, I’d love to hear about them. I’ll be making a Friday Focus post on what I’ve learned through my research each month. 

Now, IHC… For those that have been here for a while, you’ll know IHC is Imaginative HandiCrafts. You’ll also know that IHC has been closed since November. It just wasn’t going where I’d hoped it would so I’ve closed it for the time being. However, I have a new name for it as well as a new focus. I’m really happy with where I’m headed with Imaginative HandiCrafts. My goal for 2020 is to reopen IHC under it’s new name and focus-still handmade crafts, make some sales and hopefully participate in a craft/hobby show or two. 

I also want to expand Paula’s Pet Paradise into it’s own website. Right now, I’m solely hosted on Rover which is great and has done well. But it’ll be 2 years old this February and it’s time to grow some. 

Simply Paradise & Haven will also be going under a few changes and upgrades which I’m really excited about. I’ll be sharing some more about that soon so look out for that.

I’m also going to be expanding my tea/cooking/baking knowledge/repertoire, some of which I’ll be sharing on here with you each month. So look forward to that! 

So, those are my goals for 2020. I’ll be keeping you updated on how I’m doing through a focused post each month plus some that simply evolves as I write here about my life and other posts. Please, comment below about any goals you have. I’d love to hear about them and we can be each other’s accountability partners. (How to do that will be included in an future update for Simply Paradise & Haven.)

By the way: What do you think of the new Simply Paradise & Haven logo at the top of the home page? I’d really like your thoughts on it so please comment below, even if it’s just a thumbs up emoji. 

‘Til Next time! 


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2020 Goals: Writing; Books; + Debt /Savings

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to SP&H. 

I gave an overview of my 2020 goals last week as well as some extra detail on my weight loss goals and skills goals. This week, I want to delve into my goals on writing, books, (and yes, they’re different goals) and my debt/saving. 

First, my goals on my writing. As I mentioned, I have several manuscripts that are finished, in varying stages. I have one that is finished, ready to go; five that are finished, just need final editing; five that are in progress-varying stages of progress. A couple are near halfway through, a couple that are just started, and one that was my November NaNoWriMo that is beyond started but not quite halfway. I also have not only old stories that I’m rereading to see if they can be made into novel worthy manuscripts but I have a lot of plot ideas that have had some fleshing out but not necessarily characters and full story lines. I have one that was supposed to be April Camp NaNoWriMo as I wanted to write the sequel to the one that is finished next month. However, that one is nudging me constantly so I think that one is going to be February’s novel while the sequel is going to be April. However, that changes the publishing plan. I can’t exactly put out a book that is the first in a series when I don’t have the second one written yet. So I’m going to finish the last editing on the other five and pick one of those. I’m thinking of my very first novel I ever finished. I’m still in love with it so I think it’ll be it. I have a writing schedule for this year for novels to write and finish. I will be published this year, even if it takes most of hte year to do so. If I can’t manage an agent and a publishing house, then I’ll go the self-publishing route. I actually know someone who did so, so I figure I can get tips from her if necessary. 

Now, my goals on books is different than publishing a book. I used to be a prolific reader as a child. To the point that I can remember when I was 12, my reading class, and yes we still had reading class up to 8th grade, my class was divided into reading groups. I read books three grade levels above my level but the reading groups had to read out of a bookshelf in our teacher’s classroom. As you can guess, those were books for 6th graders. So I read through them really fast, and still passed the Accelerated reading test. The first one done picked the next book. There was a point I was three books ahead of the others in my group and they asked if I could let them pick the next few books, I was so many ahead they were just left reading behind me and wasn’t necessarily what they wanted to read. I didn’t mind as I really wasn’t interested in any of the books; my personal books were thicker, more difficult to read, and way more interesting. However, as I grew older, got busier, had less time, I read way less. So, my goal is to read at least 52 books this year. Now, I have no doubt I’ll read more than that, but with a list of 52 books, then I’ll not only read at least one book a week, which I used to read more than that, but I also deliberately chose books that are not in my wheelhouse. I tend to read mystery, fantasy, horror/ghost, some science fiction as well as the occasional blank fiction. So I stepped out and chose a couple of classics, a few romances, but also chose some that are in genres I already read. I may do some book reviews on here as I read the ones on my list. 

My debt goal is pretty self-explanatory. I’m self-employed but have some credit card debt from when I had a full time job as well as school loans. As for my saving goals, I not only want to save an emergency fund, for a Canon EOS 4000 Rebel T100 DSLR camera, GoPro Hero7, an elliptical machine, a treadmill, a bike-not sure which one yet, a Cricut machine that will help me greatly with crafting, a Nintendo switch, rotary tool kit, airbrush cake machine and a paintjob for my SUV. I doubt I’ll be able to save for everything this year as I am self-employed but I’m hoping to expand a few things into income alongside Paula’s Pet Paradise and Imaginative HandiCraft’s new image. My top goals are the emergency fund, cameras, Nintendo Switch, Cricut machine, a bike, and a paintjob for my SUV. I love my SUV but I hate his plain silver color. The Cricut machine will help me with my crafting endeavors, as will the rotary tool kit and the airbrush cake machine helps me with my baking. I love taking pictures but don’t have a good camera beyond the ones on my phone. I have a digital camera but it’s a basic point and shoot camera that I call Temperamental for a reason. The elliptical machine, treadmill will help with my health as well as the bike but I want to start hitting the trails with the bike also. (Of course, a goal with the bike is to relearn how to ride it. I fell, apparently, at a young age and stopped riding. I can remember the basics but I haven’ been on the bike in over 10 years so I say I can’t ride a bike.) I love video games, I am a video game geek, but my last systems are a Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. So I need the new switch and am even open to other systems. The emergency fund is just so I can breath easier when one month’s income might not be quite enough. 

So, those are my writing, book and debt/savings goals for 2020. Comment down below if you have any similar goals, we can be each others accountability partners.  

‘Til Next Time! 


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2020 Goals

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

As promised, here is my post on my goals for 2020 + just a bit about SP&H’s future. I have multiple goals for 2020 as that’s just how I roll. I never go for just one thing, I go big or go home. But I also don’t shoot for only perfection. I make goals with a specific achievement point. Sure, some are only achieved if I complete the goal but others are a starting point to be finished next year or later. 

I’ll be listing the goals in this post but will be going more in depth on each goal in future Friday posts for January. 

  1. Learn a new skill: Knitting/needlework/woodworking. I’m not aiming to master either of these skills, I’m aiming to learn the basics in them. 
  2. Master a skill: Perler beadwork/Painting(acrylic/oil/watercolor)/miniatures/crochet/paper(quill/cards/stamps) Now, when I say master, I don’t mean like Picasso level or anything like that. That’s a little much for one year. I simply want to get 2-3 levels accomplishment on these skills above where I am at right now. 
  3. Publish at least 1 book. This one is pretty self-explanatory. I have several novels finished, a couple more that need a little more editing and several more in the brainstorm stage. It is one of my dreams to be a published author and 2020 is hte year I make it happen. 
  4. Lose weight. This is a two year goal as my goal weight is too much to achieve this year and actually keep the weight off. So I’ve split it. This year, my goal is to lose 82 pounds. That’s about a 1 1/2-2 pounds a week. It’s definitely achievable as there will be weeks I don’t lose anything but there will also be weeks I lost more than 1-2 pounds. 
  5. Cut down my Debt and Build up my Savings. My debt to income ratio, especially for someone self-employed, is way out of wack, even before counting my school loans. I also don’t have much in savings and I have a few expensive things I want to save up for. 
  6. Reopen Imaginative HandiCrafts. Imaginative HandiCrafts is currently closed. It wasn’t going anywhere, I hadn’t sold near as much as I’d hoped, and had been open for a few years. So I’ve spent the last couple of months and will be spending a few more months working on it’s new focus and name. 
  7. Grow Paula’s Pet Paradise. Another goal focused on my career: I’m planning to expand Paula’s Pet Paradise in 2020.
  8. Expand Social Media Presence and Blog. This is a goal to do with my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook presence as well as Simply Paradise & Haven. I want to grow my follower numbers on the first three and grow Simply Paradise & Haven into my vision for this blog. First step will be more posts. I’ve come up with a schedule for my posts on SP&H as well as @paulacrofoot &@ATexansHealthfulJourney on Instagram; @Haven_inShadows on Twitter; and the Paula’s Pet Paradise page, Imaginative HandiCrafts and Simply Paradise & Haven page on Facebook. The links for all either are, or will be, below. I will be posting Monday Short Tales on Monday, Wednesday Writing Prompts on Wednesdays, a focused post on Fridays, such as January is on my goals, and at least one art post and one baking post on two Saturdays. So Monday Short Tales; Wednesday Writing Prompts; Friday Focuses; Saturday Specials. We’ll see what else may pop up. Another aim for Simply Paradise & Haven here is a community page where we can all chat and interact. It may be that the Facebook page has to be that but I will keep you updated as well as any other changes. 
  9. Research at least 6 interests. I have several personal interests and will be researching at least one for two months every two months. Some interests are also for current and future novels. January’s, for instance, is Future personal pets as well as MPD/DID and Hoarding.
  10. Read 52 books. I intend to read a book for each week, even if I might not manage to read a book a week. Sometimes I’m busy enough or simply too tired to focus on a book. But I was an obsessed reader when I was younger and with this challenge, want to get back in the habit and make time. 
  11. Do a challenge each month. I actually have two challenges each month as well as a few that are year long. One challenge is a work-out challenge to help with my focus on weight loss and better shape and the other is something special. January’s is a list-making challenge. I’ll explain the year long challenges in the next post focused on the challenges goal. 
  12. Write every day. I plan on writing something, even if just a 500 word 5 minute short story, every day. I hate it when I don’t write, it just doesn’t feel right. 
  13. Continue my tea/baking/cooking education. This goes not only to two of my passions but one of my dreams in a few years. So I’ll be continuing to work on expanding my baking/cooking repertoire and expanding my tea knowledge. 
  14. Learn a new language. I won’t be starting this goal until June but I want to learn the basics in a new language this year. I haven’t decided which one yet, I have a few I want to learn. 
  15. Watch every Disney movie and watch through the Marvel Universe. I want to challenge myself to watch every single Disney movie that exists and watch my way through the Marvel Universe. I’ve watched a couple of them but not all of them yet. I have other tv shows I’m planning to watch in their entirety as well. 

So, those are my goals for 2020. Now, the goals I’m going into a bit more detail on in this posts, are the skills and weight goals. 

I’ve been working on learning crochet for a few years, first with my grandma and, when she passed away, in her memory. But I definitely have room to improve-a lot of room. I’ve been fascinated with knitting for a few months now so I want to learn it as well. I also want to learn needlework after some of the works I’ve seen on Pinterest. I made my mom an small armoire for Christmas in 2018 and want to get better at woodwork. Now, I need some room for this one so it may have to wait until later 2020. I am currently  OBSESSED with painting. I’ve had so many ideas lately and my painting is actually looking really good. But I want to continue working with acrylics and get better with oil and watercolor. Watercolor is actually one of my yearlong challenges. I have this long-term goal of creating a miniature universe. By universe, I mean I want to recreate some of my favorite cartoon/anime/live shows and movies, some of my favorite books and a general universe, in 1:6 scale. Perler beadwork, if you’re not sure, are those small plastic beads that you then melt together to make various images. Like painting, I’m currently OBSESSED with this. The future IHC will likely feature some Perler beadwork and paintings. I want to get better with making paper cards, which includes stamps. I made my Christmas cards in 2019. I love quilling paper, it’s the form of taking small strips and curling them into various forms and shapes. I want to learn or get better at each of these skills in 2020. 

Like I said, I want to lose 82 pounds this year. My weight has long since been an issue for me. I wasn’t a small child, though always tall for my age, I was just a little chubby. But it wasn’t until I was a teenager with puberty that my weight really blew out of proportion. I had health issues when I was 16, pre-diabetes and liver to be specific. I lost some weight and got rid of the health issues but my weight was still over what it should be. Now that I’m older, several years beyond 16, those health issues haven’t come back but I’m on my feet so much as a professional pet-caretaker, my knees are beginning to struggle. There are also things, such as sky-diving and bungee-jumping, that I want to do and things I want to do that I either cannot do at all or not do well at my current weight. Plus, to be honest, I simply want to feel better about my body and my health. Weight loss is key as well as getting into better shape. I’ve lost one pound already. 

So I’ll be doing periodic updates on this goal on Instagram (@atexanshealthfuljourney) as well as here on SP&H. I’ll be making occasional updates on each goal on here actually. 

If you have any goals, please comment down below. I promise I will respond. We can be each other’s accountability partners. (Which will be easier with the future community page) 

-Til Next Time!



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