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Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven.


Hey Ya’ll! As you can likely deduce from the title, Simply Paradise & Haven is going on an official hiatus for a couple of weeks. I actually meant to write this and post on the 1st of July but I had a stream of jobs that week along with the holiday. 

Simply Paradise & Haven isn’t disappearing by any means. I just have several ideas that I’m in the process of building and creating for this blog and it’ll be easier to get them live if I’m not still trying to run the old version at the same time. 

Plus, honestly, my headspace hasn’t been right for this for a while, due to Covid-19, the subsequent quarantine, the toll that both took on Paula’s Pet Paradise and as such my finances took a hit; and everything else that followed and just built up and built up. You’ve likely noticed that I haven’t posted here in a long while and that would be a large reason why. I kept meaning to write a post, even just a writing prompts post; I even have several prompts saved up for ya’ll. But I just never got the energy to come in and do so and the pressure of not posting just kept building, making me less and less want to come in. And I don’t want that. I enjoy everything I do on this blog and I want to continue enjoying this part of my life. 

So, I’m taking the month of July off to not only get things in place for the future of Simply Paradise & Haven, (Which will include a name change and a new look), but also to rest and step away from social media a bit and give my brain a little bit of time to rest and recharge from the emotional upheaval it’s gone through lately. 

I promise I will be back in August, hopefully with everything in place that I’m really excited about, something I haven’t been in a long while. 

Til Next time, ya’ll! 




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Rock Your Flower

Hey, ya’ll!

Here’s my latest piece of art and the writing on the epiphany I had as I was creating the art piece. Feel free to like and/or share if you agree. 

Rock Your Flower

Life Flower
Rock Your Flower

Everyone has a flower that represents their life. When we are born, it creates the center, the stamen or pistil, depending on if you’re female or male, or even both if you’re non-binary or trans.

It’s a nice golden yellow color as when we’re born, we’re completely innocent and pure. As we grow older, we add more and more petals, various sizes and shapes, various colors, some unmarred and some scarred.

The light colors show our happier times, our positive blessings. The darkened, even blackened, petals represent the harder times we all face as we grow older. We all face hard times, no matter our gender, race, heritage, wealth or lack there of. It’s all a matter of perspective. Something hard and difficult to handle for one person may not be the same to another and vice versa.

At minimum, everyone has a difficult time with puberty, with teen-hood. From the mean girls to the nerds, from the jocks to geeks, from the preps to the goths, and every average and non-average guy and girl in between. Even the Perfect Head Cheerleader or the Popular Jock Guy have problems. They simply grow used to hiding them with masks required to keep their place as Head Cheerleader and Jock, so you can’t see them. They mustn’t appear weak, after all. We all wear masks, some simply show their cracks more, some grow harder and harder to remove.

But the lighter colors surrounding and following the darker times give a promise it will get better. No matter how hard it seems, how alone you feel, there is someone out there that cares and it will get better.

Everyone’s flower is different. Many colors, many sizes, various marks and scars. Some have more dark colors than others. Some flowers are small, a symbol of a life cut short far too soon, whether by homicide, suicide or accident, while others are huge with plentiful petals and a strong stem.

Scars represent a tough time that left an everlasting mark but are nothing to be ashamed of. It simply means you’ve been through tough times but survived and grew stronger as a result.

Colors mean something different to everyone. Some will have more of one color than others. What might be a good color to you may be a bad color to someone else so they try to have fewer while you revel in yours. That doesn’t mean your flower is any less beautiful than another nor that their flower is any less beautiful than yours. They’re just different.

Maybe you see your flower as a rose, or a tulip or any flower that’s your favorite. I think we’re all daisies, all being human beings at our core, with different colors and size petals, marks and lack thereof, unique life experiences.

Rock your colors. Rock your Flower. Rock Your Life, scars and all.

Til Next Time- Paula



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Weekly Writing Prompts: Survive; Soul; Ghosts; Weird; Smiles;

Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven!

Here are your weekly prompts. I promise, they’ll be coming weekly now. With the pandemic, Stay at home, and other things, I’ve hit a bit of a wall/slump lately but it’s getting better now. I enjoy staying at home, it’s what I do for the most part anyway. But it’s one thing to choose to stay home and another to have to stay home and not allowed out. (Though I’m not going anywhere despite my state working on opening back up. It’s Not over yet.) 

A group of survivors is living on a small island surrounded by zombies on the mainland, always just waiting for them.
A group of survivors is living on a small island, surrounded by zombies on the mainland, always just waiting for them. 


Everyone knows about soul mates. What they don't know is soul enemies.
Everyone knows about soul mates. What they don’t know is soul enemies. 


There are ghost towns in the ocean
There are Ghost Towns in the Ocean. 


_You're weird._ _Sorry._ _No, that was a compliment._
“You’re Weird.” “Sorry.” “No, that was a compliment.” 


She smiles at me but I'm only looking at him.
She smiles at me but I’m only looking at him.


I gave a couple of extra since it’s been a while since I’ve posted any writing prompts. Enjoy! 

‘Til Next Time, Friends!


Today is the only day. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is no guarantee.


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Wednesday Writing Prompts: Heart; Story; Planet

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven!

Here are your weekly writing prompts. These are some fun ones with plot twists. 


Home is where the heart is. The rest of the body is hidden around the city. Good luck.
Home is where the heart is. The rest of the body is hidden around the city. Good Luck. 


There is a little story;
There is a little story; I’d like to tell; about this little boy; who came from hell. 


You're not the dumbest person on the planet, but you sure better hope he doesn't die.
You’re not the dumbest person on the planet, but you sure better hope he doesn’t die. 


Enjoy these prompts! Don’t forget to share what you came up with on Simply Paradise & Haven’s FB page if you’d like. 

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 



Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.


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Monday Short Tale: You Left Me!

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven! 

“Ow!! Ow, ow, Shit, Ow!” 

Beckett shook out his throbbing hand, the fingers pulsing and he could already see the bruise coming up on the knuckles that had made contact. 

Meanwhile, his former best friend he’d hit was standing in front of him, staring at him, total deadpan look on his face. 

“Why do you look completely unaffected.” 

Damien shrugged, “I’m not completely human anymore. Remember that next time you want to punch me in the face.”

“What do you mean, you’re not human anymore. You sure look it to me. Except the unaffected by being punched in the face and breaking my fist with your face parts.” 

“I said completely human. And don’t try to fool me, you made me this way.” 

 Beckett didn’t bother hiding the baffled look on his face, “What do you mean, I made you that way? I haven’t seen you in three years! You just up and vanished that summer after high school!”

“After you abandoned me! We were supposed to take a gap year, head out that summer and you never freaking showed!”

“My Mother got sick, I told you we needed to wait a few weeks. But when I showed up to the meeting place, you never showed! I learned later you were long gone!”

“What do you mean, you told me you needed to wait? I never got any message. I sent you a message telling I was leaving since you’d decided to back out.” 

“I never got that message. What do you mean, you never got my message. You sent me a reply telling me it was fine!”

“That wasn’t me since I never got your first message.”  

Beckett could see in Damien’s brown eyes he was telling the truth. 

“Who interfered then, and why? And I still don’t understand how I made you ‘not completely human.'”

Before Damien could respond, another person entered the room.

They raised a gun towards Beckett, “Sorry, but you know too much.” 

As the gun fired, Beckett braced himself for the hit as there wasn’t time to dodge. 

But the next thing he knew, his back was slamming to the floor, head hitting moments later as Damien slammed into him. The two consecutive hits caused him to black out.

When Beckett came to, he was slung over Damien’s shoulder, bouncing and jostling as Damien kept running through the forest Beckett remembered coming through before he’d been knocked out and woke up with Damien earlier. 

“Wh-Where are we?” 



“I don’t know.” 


©Paula Crofoot

That’s all for now. I may write more for Beckett and Damien later. After all, Where are they going? What happened to Damien that a punch no longer affects him, he’s faster than a bullet and can carry Beckett like he’s a sack of flour? 

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


Believe you can, and you're already halfway there.


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Monday Short Tale: Mission-Ground Zero

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven! 


“You just broke protocol number five-twenty!” 

“Seriously?! We’re trying to cheat death and you’re worried about protocol?!” 

“Well, pardon me for trying to keep us out of jail if we survive this!”

Anya paused to catch her breath and jabbed her finger in her friend Melanie’s face, “No if! Only when! If you let yourself think in terms of ‘IF’, we won’t survive. And who cares about jail right now!”

Before the other brunette woman could comment, they both stopped breathing when they heard footsteps coming down the hall they’d just come from.

Without speaking, it was agreed that they needed to keep moving.

Protocols or no protocols, the main mission right now was to survive and get their prize out of these walls. If they didn’t get this paperwork to their higher-ups, there would be thousands of people who paid the price.

They waited until the footsteps had faded, Anya peering out once it was quiet for a few moments. Seeing nothing, she dashed down the hall, Melanie on her heels.

Anya kept her eyes peeled for any signs of whoever the footsteps had belonged to or one of their buddies. There was nothing. It was as if they’d vanished into thin air. 

Finally, the door to their freedom came into sight. Melanie hesitated long enough to put a little distance between her and Anya, worried about how easy this escape had suddenly become.

That paranoia saved her life.

Anya ran full-tilt towards the door, never seeing the ax wielded by one of the guards they’d been avoiding come around the corner of the last hall before the door. Her head was removed from her shoulders before she had a chance to realize her death was imminent.

Melanie, who was, fortunately, carrying the paperwork in the first place with her protocol obsession, dodged under the ax. She kept running, slamming into the door, praying it wasn’t locked.

Someone up above was looking out for her as she burst out the door, narrowly avoided falling down the stairs leading down from it, and bolted for the dilapidated fence that surrounded a deceiving broken down laboratory. She vanished into the woods surrounding the lab producing the gas currently poisoning hundreds of her fellow humans. 

Melanie didn’t let herself stop to think about what had happened to Anya, what must’ve happened to the others, what could happen to her, she focused her mind and adrenaline on making sure their mission didn’t fail.

Only once she’d managed to make it back to headquarters and pass over the paperwork detailing the poison and antidote did she let herself break down. Five had gone into the lab, only one had come out.


©Paula Crofoot

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


Today is the only day. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is no guarantee.

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Wednesday Writing Prompts: Break; Hear; Dance

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven!


They need to see her broken so we can have the respect we deserve
Break her. They need to see her broken so we can have the respect we deserve. 



Last night, I knew what to say. But you weren't there to hear it.
Last night, I knew what to say. But you weren’t there to hear it. 



She had wanted to Dance since…
She had wanted to dance since…


Enjoy your writing prompts and feel free to post what you come up with on Simply Paradise & Haven’s Facebook Community.

Have fun and stay safe! 

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 



Always keep your face toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.


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Belated Monday Short Tale: Why?

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

Things will get back to normal around here, I promise. It’s all in a flux, as I’m sure many of you are experiencing yourselves, due to Covid-19. 

Without anymore delay, here is this week’s short tale. 

Sunny stood stock still, staring at the scene of destruction, blue eyes wide in shock. She wasn’t alone.

When she’d left the school library the night before, it’d been the usual quiet room, occasional page turning, pen scratching, not many students with it being so late as she’d left just shortly before closing, thanks to the stupid paper she’d had due today. 

Now, however, it was the completely opposite. Books were tumbled all over the floor, no one sure if any were ripped but certain spines had been broken. Bookshelves fallen over leaning on one another or were in pieces. Key boards were dangling from the computer station, mice mysteriously missing, computers screens either snow-screened or completely smashed. The resource desk had been turned upside down, computer smashed and paperwork surrounding it on the floor. All of the inspirational posters had either been defaced or were ripped off, leaving only the pinned corners as evidence they’d been there. Spray painted across the back wall of the library, ruining the recently painted mural was the words, ‘Give Up, Nerds & Losers!!’ 

No one had any idea who could do something like this. Even the known bullies wouldn’t be so cruel as all the students depended on the library and the slackers wouldn’t interfere with the nerds and geeks doing their homework for them. 

It wasn’t long before it was all over school, classmates who’d been able to see the library before it had been closed off from them sharing pictures they’d snapped on their phones. 

Only one person had an idea of who might’ve done this. Without anyone noticing, not that many of her classmates knew she existed; Lizzie slipped down to the basement of the school. 

It didn’t take her much effort to find her only friend where she knew she’d be. When they weren’t in class, Emma could be counted on to be found down here. Students weren’t normally allowed down here but Emma was tight with the janitorial staff of the school who let her in anywhere she wanted. 

Emma was lounging on her couch she’d gotten from who knows where, Emma had a odd ability to do things most couldn’t, and Lizzie sat on the not-matching chair, studying her friend. 

She eventually returned the stare, “What?” 

“Why did you do that?” 

“Pure Spite.” 

Lizzie was puzzled, of course Emma would know what she was talking about but what spite was she referring to. 

“Spite for who?” 

Emma waved her hand lazily towards above them, “All of them.” 

“Who’s they? What did they do to you? I know you don’t have any other friends but I thought you didn’t care since you weren’t planning on hanging around here after high school anyway?” 

They is our entire class and no, I don’t care about their treatment of me. But I do care about their treatment of you.”

“Me? Wha-“

“Didn’t you just tell me about Miss So Popular Sunny making fun of you for always studying yesterday?” 

“Well, yes, bu-” 

“And didn’t Bella and her friends just push you around in the bathroom yesterday, soaking your new sweater and ruining it?” 

“Yes, bu-” 

“And don’t tell me that bruise on your cheek last week came from running into a door. We both know it came from Daniels and his friends throwing that stupid soccer ball around and not caring that they hit you.” 

Lizzie winced, “Well, yes. But why the library?” 

“Everyone depends on it. Without it, none of them will have any idea of how to do their homework or study, even the nerds. IT’s like none of them have ever heard of the public library. ‘Sides, the library is just the start.” 

“There’s more?” 

“Oh, yeah. Just wait…” 

“What if they catch you? Everyone’s going to be watching like eagles.”  

“No worries. Everything else is already set up. It’ll just take time for it all to be discovered. There’s no way for them to link it to either of us. And if they do, I’ll take the rap. I don’t care if I get my G.E.D. instead of a diploma. You’re on track to become valedictorian and leave them in the dust. In a week, none of them will be able to touch you but they shouldn’t get off Scot-free for their treatment of you all these years.” 

Knowing how stubborn Emma could be; after all, it was why they were friends as Emma had refused to give up making a friend out of Lizzie four years previous. Lizzie knew there was no way she could convince Emma to give up on her sudden revenge scheme. 

“Well, it’s time for class. Shall we?” 

Emma rolled to her feet, grabbing her backpack even as Lizzie stood, primly dusting off her jeans and shirt, “I suppose.” 

-Fin (For Now) 

©Paula Crofoot


Well, that’s all for now. I may write more on Emma and Lizzie, maybe some more of what Emma has planned. No doubt, Sunny, Bella and Daniels are about to get their comeuppance. But hopefully, none that would come back to bite Emma or Lizzie. 

Stay Safe!!

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.

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Wednesday Writing Prompts: Lights; Names; Pet

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven! 

Well… What’s that quote about best plans? “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it.” Yeah, that pretty much happened to me this week. I had a full week of posts that I was going to put up, especially as I’m currently home due to the Covid-19 virus cutting down on my business as few people are traveling. However, Microsoft decided to update my Edge, which was my primary browser, WITHOUT asking me first and lost every single one of my favorites and saved bookmarks. As such, I’ve had to spend the last few days, off and on, restoring all of my favorites from my older computer to Chrome on my new computer that I use for everything and try to remember other favorites I’d saved in the two years since I got my new computer. With the favorites, went the site for this blog and Canva and all my resources so I had to restore those. Needless to say, I am not happy with Microsoft right now. I’ve changed back to Chrome, which is what I used on my old laptop as it’s a Vista while I was using Edge on my new laptop as it’s Windows 10. I stopped using my old laptop for anything but writing as the software was continually becoming outdated.

However, as I don’t have many pet sitting jobs right now, I’ll have time to be posting so look forward to that. I’ve got some planned that I will be writing. 

But as I don’t have many pet-sitting jobs right now and my roommate is currently working from home as her job sent her and as many coworkers as they could to work at home rather than the offices, this is taking a little getting used to as we only have one office that we’re currently sharing. We’re finding our groove though. It’s just taking some time as her work demands a lot of phone calls while mine, outside of Paula’s Pet Paradise, requires a lot of moving around for me for the baking, crafting, writing, and the like.

Now, we’re get onto the writing prompts for this week that I’m sure is why you’re here. Friday, provided I get everything back together, I’ll have a travel post for you from my trip back in September. Yes, I know. It’s been ages since that trip but I hadn’t had time to sit down, download the pictures, organize them and write about it. Well, I certainly have the time now and since there’s little traveling going on, this will give us inspiration once Covid-19 passes and we’re leaving our homes once more. We will get past this, we just need to stick together, metaphorically speaking at least since social distancing is currently the thing, and power through just like we’ve survived other disasters. 


The school hallway lights turned off. The protagonist and their friends froze. It was a school dance night, they were wandering where they weren't supposed to, and now, the lights had gone off. A locker behind them
The school hallway lights turned off. The protagonist and their friends froze. It was a school dance night, they were wandering where they weren’t supposed to, and now, the lights had gone off. A locker behind them slammed.


_So… I think I broke my therapist._
“So… I think I broke my therapist.” 


She had been called many things in her life_ thief, vagabond, exile, outcast. Now she would be called Empress.
She had been called many things in her life: thief, vagabond, exile, outcast. Now she would be called Empress. 


_I always wanted a pet._ _You realize you can't keep this thing, right__ _Why not_ It's cute._ _It's a dragon._
“I always wanted a pet.” “You realize you can’t keep this thing, right?” “Why not? It’s cute.” “It’s a dragon.” 


Have fun! I added in an extra one to make up for lack of posts this week and for extra inspiration fitting the extra time a lot of us have. 

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy! 

‘Til Next Time! 



Your only Limitation is your Imagination


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Wednesday Writing Prompts: Death; Sorry; Car;

Welcome to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

Hey, ya’ll! Sorry about my absence. The first week was a crazy week where I was doing a special job that required all of my attention for the first half and the second half, I arrived at a another job only to learn that I had no internet. (Who lives like that these days??) Last week went by in a blink before I realized it and this week, I’m not feeling the greatest. (No worries, no viruses here) 

However, I promise next week will be back to normal. I have a special Tasty Tuesday and DIY Thursday planned. 

Without further ado, here is this week’s Wednesday Writing Prompts. 


_Just because I'm helping you doesn't mean I care. Your death would be a minor inconvenience. That's all._
“Just because I’m helping you doesn’t mean I care. Your death would be a minor inconvenience. That’s all.” 


He wasn't sorry when you didn't know. Remember that.
He wasn’t sorry when you didn’t know. Remember that. 


_What happened to my car_!_ _What do you mean specifically__ _The burned backseats__ _The witch did not like the handcuffs._
“What happened to my car?!” “What do you mean specifically?” “The burned backseats?” “The witch did not like the handcuffs.” 


I’d love to see what you do with some of these prompts. Please feel free to comment below or over at Simply Paradise & Haven’s Facebook community. 

‘Til Next Time! 



There is no darkness but ignorance.

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Wednesday Writing Prompts: Eyes; Spell; Life

Hey, ya’ll! Here are your weekly writing prompts, the last ones with a romantic theme. I don’t have long now but I will explain later the lack of posts this week. 


You didn't have to tell me. Your eyes told me the first time you saw her.
You didn’t have to tell me. Your eyes told me the first time you saw her. 


He knew this was only a spell but the damage had been done; he was in love.
He knew this was only a spell but the damage had been done; he was in love. 


Avoid you
From that first moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life avoiding you. 


Personally, I would take the first prompt from the point of view of a person who’s love is not returned. But I’d love to know how you see it. 

‘Til Next Time! 



If you could read my mind... You would be in tears