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Browser Despair + MST: Juggling Changed Everything

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

I do want to apologize for not having the pics of my trip up as I’ve said I would. I’ve been a little busier than I expected. Not to mention, when I went to download the pictures off of my iCloud so I could draft the posts for ya’ll, I discovered that iCloud has decided it doesn’t want to work on my primary browser any longer. So now, I still need download the pictures. I now have three browsers on my computer. I use Microsoft Edge for 98% of what I do. Neopets and Pinterest won’t work on Edge so I use Internet Explorer for them(minus a few events and a world in Neopets that won’t work on Explorer but do work in Edge). But I don’t use Explorer for iCloud as the couple of pictures I did download(not of the trip just in case) took forever. So I use Google Chrome for iCloud. But trying to remember that I need to download the pictures, now in the middle of NaNoWriMo, when I’m doing this and that. But I will upload the pics and details of my Flip A Coin trip. 

Now, let us move onto this week’s Monday Short Tale. 

As a young girl, she learned how to juggle fruit: apples, oranges, sometimes pears. There was little risk, little drama, and people smiled politely and then moved on. But of course, as she grew older, her juggling progressed as well. And people started paying attention when she started juggling first rocks that grew heavier and heavier. Then she began juggling dull knives that graduated to razor sharp daggers to short swords to flaming swords. 

Her father enjoyed what she did but her mother absolutely hated it. She thought it was completely unladylike and would punish her anytime she found her practicing. As such, she began practicing in sly only revealing what she was doing if her father was home as her father wouldn’t allow her mother to punish her for something, as he declared, so silly. He thought it was good that she had a hobby. No one should do nothing but work in his opinion. He didn’t see any harm in juggling, even as she slowly graduated to more dangerous materials as long as she was careful. 

She quickly discovered that putting a hat out as she juggled in public, such as the park or the subways, she made some cash simply for doing something she enjoyed. When she discovered her second passion of being on the stage, she knew there was no way she’d be able to go to college to study acting. She didn’t dare tell her parents her desire, her father would likely support her but if her mother disliked her juggling so much, there was no possible way she’d give her blessing. 

Without her mother’s blessing, she doubted her father would pay for her college. He didn’t go against her wishes and buy her anything for her juggling, after all. 

So, she hyped up her juggling and began saving every penny for either to make her juggling better, such as the hula hoop she eventually added, acting lessons on the sly, or for college expenses. When she wasn’t juggling for money or practicing, she was studying, working her hardest to earn any scholarships she could. She was determined to make it to the stage someday. 

As time came for her to graduate, her parents insisted on knowing what her plans for the future were. They’d left it alone as she’d assured them she had it under control. But as the actual day came, they wanted to know. She gathered the acceptance letter, scholarship letters, and degree details and told them her dreams. 

As expected, her mother hated it. She didn’t actually want her daughter to attend college as if she was too smart, no man would be interested in her. But if she had to, she wanted it to be for something far more ladylike, such as art, fashion, literature, or education. Something she believed her daughter would likely not use once she married but could be used for future children. 

Her father was surprised but supportive. He assured her that he would do what he could to help her with her living expenses. She could tell that made her mother angry but her father ignored it. 

As such, later once her mother had stalked off, she gave her father a lone ticket for her last play at the high school. She wanted her father to see just what her passion was and that she truly was talented at it. He promised he would be there. 

And he was, showing up backstage with a dozen roses and a glowing review of her performance. 

Because of his support her entire life, even defying her mother as she studied in college and graduated, she ensured he received a ticket 10 years later to her first Broadway play. 

She had worked so hard, but she had made it. And she still juggled as a hobby even now, no longer needing to take in money for it. She found it quite ironic but at that same play, she introduced her father to her fiancé, a man she’d met working on an off broadway play and who was attracted to her because of the juggling. He’d never seen anyone who could juggle so well and was fascinated. Everything her mother hated granted her happiness in the end. 

Pity her mother refused to be around to see it. 


Well, that was certainly not quite what I expected it to be. It started with a prompt and as a lot of writing does, took a life of its own. 

P.S. Those of you who have been with me for a long while may have noticed I haven’t been posting links to my writing on Medium lately. That’s because I’ve discovered Medium isn’t really for fiction writing. I’ve got followers there, people who have clapped for my stories and I’ll keep writing for Medium. But I don’t think it’s going to be a source of income that I’d hoped it would be so I’m stepping back momentarily and taking another look at what I’m doing for incomes in addition to my pet care company. 

(If any of you have any ideas, please feel free to comment down below)

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.




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Texas Fall + MST: Leave Us Be

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven! 

I think it may finally be fall here in Texas. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s been very cold here, then warming up for a couple of days and then cold again. Now, when I say that, I mean it’ll be 40 degrees F for a couple of days, then back up in the 70s, and back and forth. But 40 and below is winter, not to mention the rain and dreary overcast. This week, however, except for Tues that’s in the 40s, the rest of this week is in the 50s and low 60s-Fall weather. Plus, I’ve noticed leaves finally changing color and falling off the trees. Now, next week could be completely different. This is Texas. If you don’t like hte weather, wait a few minutes, it’ll change. 

Here’s this week’s Monday Short Tale. My NaNoWriMo is going decent enough. I’m not anywhere near my number but it’s only the 10. I know it’ll be better as I get further into my novel. 

She turned as her sister entered the room. Unlike years before, when they shared a room, she couldn’t read the emotion on her face. She knew it wasn’t a small deal that her sister had come to visit. After all, they hadn’t seen each other more than a few times a year since they’d both run away from home as soon as possible. 

“What’s going on?” 

“What makes you think something’s up?” 

“You’ve come for a visit when it’s my turn to visit you.” 

“I’ve had a call from Mother.” 

“Good or bad.” 

“Depends on your point of view. I’d say good.” 

“Okay… I’m going to drag this out of you, aren’t I?” 


“Okay. I’ll play the old game. Say something sad.” 

“The saddest movie in existence is Titanic.” 

“I would actually argue with that.”

But she chose to not actually argue as she doubted her sister would visit for  that.

“Say something happy.” 

“Well, Dad’s dead.” 

“That’s close enough.” 

But she had to make sure her sister wasn’t being facetious.

“Are you serious?”

“Quite. Mother was sobbing when she called me, though I think she was angry when we hung up the call as I didn’t respond how she expected, I’m sure. She also asked for your contact information but I informed her I’d lost it.” 

“Thank you. If I don’t see that woman in the next 10 years, it’ll be too soon.”

“Indeed. We left home for a reason. A reason she continues to deny ever happened, despite the tense relation it left her with us or hte damage it did to us. The only reason I’ve let her have my information is for this exact event. When one of them should die.” 

The two continued to chat for a little while before the younger sister decided to retire for the night to her guestroom. 


©Paula Crofoot

What do you think the parents did to the daughters? Please comment below your thoughts. I’d love to see if you come up with the reason that was in my head or if you come up with something else. 

‘Til Next Time, Friends!


Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of Thanksgiving.

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OMG, It’s Already November??

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to SP&H. 

I really can’t believe it’s already November. This is my favorite time of year due to weather, my mom’s birthday, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas but it also means the year is nearly over. There’s only 8 weeks of 2019 left. Then we’re into 2020 and the tens of this century are over! Wow, I can’t believe we’re almost already 20 years into the 21st century and the 3rd millennium. Geez…

On that note, how are you doing on any resolutions you may have made for ’19? Some of mine have happened, some have backslid and others disappeared into the vortex of nothing. I figured I wouldn’t make all of them  completely but aimed to at least make progress on all of them. At the moment… not so much.

My language learning has dropped though I’m picking that back up. My new skill, not really happening, my novel publishing hasn’t gone anywhere yet though I have been writing all year like I wanted. My weight goal is pretty much nil and I’m starting over with that one. (And yes, I know, at the Wrong time of year but I’m making a plan right now to restart that plan for ’20.) My businesses have grown like I wanted and also kind of shrunk as they went under a new direction. More on that one later. I’ve gone greener like I wanted and my social media presence has grown like I’d hoped, better even so I’m happy on that. 2019 hasn’t been a bust, I’ve just grown in other areas than I’d planned. But like one of my favorite songs: Joyride by Jennifer Hanson says: show me a woman or a man who has a plan and I will show you God is laughin’ out His window. So 2019, thus far, has still been a good year and I hope for 2020 to be even better as I learn more, live life more to the fullest, and grow.

Enough on that for now.

Here’s the Monday Short Tale for the week. November, I’ll just do little short pieces as I’m writing Bus Across Country for NaNoWriMo. It’s not the second book in a series I’d planned to write for NaNoWriMo but this plot and characters bit me a few weeks ago and won’t leave so it’s what I’m writing and enjoying. 

I’m not sure what December will be yet, we’ll cross that bridge when we reach it. 

“Did you get my note?” 

The brunette side-eyed the redhead for a moment, “Of course I got it. You taped it to my forehead while I was sleeping. And I’m here, aren’t I?” 

“Yes and yes. But that didn’t mean you read it beyond just that I’d be here at this time.” 

The brunette glanced around them at the empty courtyard. 

“And why are we here again? Your note, otherwise oddly specific, left that out.” 

“I thought we’d do something nice for our classmates. It’s almost final exam time and we’re all stressed out.” 

“Like what?” 

“Don’t you trust me?” 

“Not particularly.” 

The redhead pouted but the young brunette woman remained steadfast. She’d become involved in the redhead’s harebrained schemes before and had not interest in doing so again. 

“Nothing bad. I just thought we’d tape these around campus.” 

She produced a mass amount of paper that, peering at them, her friend realized were motivational quotes. 

“You do know most people are going to walk right by those without reading them, right? Perhaps even tear them down…” 

“I know. But those few that do read them, it’ll make a difference in their day and that’s what matters.” 

She sighed but took half of the stack, “Let’s get moving, then.” 

It took a few hours but they had the motivational quotes well spread through the campus courtyard and buildings. 

The brunette woman found to her surprise that people around her in the following days did indeed notice the papers. They actually enjoyed them as well as the mystery of who had put them up. Perhaps just this once, her friend hadn’t been so crazy after all. 


Perhaps that’s an idea you might consider if you’re a college student? Or even if you’re in an office building and its a stressful time of year for you and your coworkers? 

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


Give thanks with a grateful heart.

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Happy Halloween!!!

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven. 

Happy Halloween!! 

As promised, here is the final part of Haunted College Boys Arc. It is complete one year later. 

Two Days Later:

The boys gathered in the dining room, armed with the census from 1988 as well as a list of owners of the homes in their area from 1988.

Ryan asked, “How do we want to go about this?”

Connor offered, “How about we go by the homeowners first? It seems to be the shortest.”

Justin lifted it and peered at it to find the closest house to this home 30 years ago.

“There wasn’t a lot of homes around here, then, was there?”

Squeaks on the board, ‘No. I actually owned much of the property this house and the three houses closest to us now are on. Still do, my sister chose to rent that property out and have homes built on to bring in income. She sold the property the apartment complex on the next street over is on as the city bought some of the property to put in a street.’

The four boys hummed in understanding and Justin read off the first name.

Using the system they’d come up with, Jason marked an X on the board, the name didn’t trigger anything.

It wasn’t until seven names down that a memory flashed back.

“Mitchell Drake.”

The papers dropped as Justin, Ben, Ryan and Connor all covered their heads from the wind that had suddenly started up.

Justin peered up and saw Jason stiff as a board in front of the white board, blue eyes glowing, mouth open wide as if he was voicelessly screaming, his scars glowing white.

“Jason? Jason! Jason!!”

But there was no response. Whatever was happening to Jason, he was trapped within.

And they were trapped in a maelstrom with nothing to do but duck down and dodge the loose items that were beginning to be picked up in the wind. Windows opened and slammed close, shutters slamming against the house, floorboards creaking, doors opening and slamming, the house was losing it along with its owner.

Ryan crawled under the table, pulling Justin under with him, Connor following his lead with Ben.

What felt like ages later, but was likely just a few minutes, the wind finally died down and the house calmed, leaving marks of the chaos.

When it felt safe, the boys crawled out from under the table, eyeing the mess that had been left behind, and realized Jason was nowhere to be seen.

Before they could stop him, Justin took off up the stairs, headed to the one place they could always find Jason.

He came to stop before Jason’s office and knocked harshly on the door.

“Jason? Are you in there? Are you okay??”

No verbal response, of course, but the door slipped open. Justin stepped in, followed closely by the other three. He saw Jason in the chair at his desk, turned to look at them. His eyes and scars were no longer glowing, but his scars looked raw, his eyes pained. He’d clearly remembered something, something horrible.

“What happened down there? Who is Mitchell Drake?”

Jason turned away, picking up his pen.

Shortly, he handed Justin the paper and Justin read it aloud, “He’s my murderer. Daisy Brown must be the reincarnation of his sister, Eryn Drake. In 1988, she was my stalker.”

“But wait, why’d he murder you?”

Jason took the paper back and scribbled one last sentence.

“I can show you, if you like.”

Before they answered, Ryan looked up from his phone where he’d googled Eryn Drake.
“Jason’s right. According to Google, Eryn Drake committed suicide at a sanatorium in 1989, just a week after the one-year anniversary of Jason McKay’s murder and Marshall Davidson’s disappearance.”

“Wow, bad month.”

“Apparently, she’d tried on the anniversary, but the doctors were worried she’d try something since Jason’s death was what tipped her over and sent her to the sanatorium in the first place, so they’d kept a close eye on her.”

Justin turned to Jason, “I want to see.”

Ben piped up, “Me too.”

Ryan and Connor agreed.

In a ripple of light, their surroundings changed.

They were still in Jason’s office, but the light was brighter, the wall clock was ticking away and there was a cup of cold coffee beside the couch. In front of them, sitting at his desk was Jason. But the difference, they saw as he turned at the knocks on the front door, was that this was an uninjured Jason.

“This must be right before the attack.”

Jason was confused as to who was visiting this late at night as a glance at the clock on the wall showed it to be 10 p.m.

He made his way downstairs, knowing it wasn’t Marshall as he was still at work. Marshall often worked late hours, being a nurse at the local emergency room.

He peered through the peephole, confused when he saw the figure of his neighbor.

He opened the door and opened his mouth to ask what he could help him with.

But he never got the words out. Mitchell Drake jumped Jason, knocking him to the ground and stabbing him the first of the multiple times. While Jason was disoriented and in pain, Mitchell dragged Jason upstairs, he couldn’t leave Jason here in front of the door. If Marshall came in and saw him, he’d run and that would ruin his plan.

Once they were upstairs, Mitchell paused to catch his breath.

“I bet you’re wondering why I’m doing this.”

Jason sniped, the first the living ever heard his deep slow drawl, “That’s what most people who are being attacked wonder.”

Justin snorted even as that clearly angered the deranged man.

Mitchell pummeled Jason with his fist, too angry to control where the punches hit and uncaring if it knocked Jason out. He’d simply wait for him to wake up.

Jason tried to defend himself, but the man’s anger and the slow blood loss and pain of his stab wounds proved to be too much.

Mitchell finally calmed and explained why he was there.

“You turned down my sister! She’s in love with you and instead of returning her affections, like a real man, you chose to dabble in sin with Davidson. You couldn’t even respect her enough to not kiss him in front of others, including her. You must pay!”

“News flash, Mitchell, you can’t return affections that don’t exist. I’m gay, I don’t like Eryn and that can’t be changed.”

“I’m defending Eryn’s honor.”

“How? By beating me up, that’s only going to land you in jail.”

“Shut up! No one will ever know I was the one that did it. You’ll both be dead when I’m done.”

“This is a foolish plan.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!”

Clearly, Eryn wasn’t the only Drake with mental problems.

Mitchell decided to silence Jason permanently and after stabbing him several more times to ensure he stayed still, he cut out Jason’s tongue, gouged the knife into his face in a mockery of the Joker’s smile.

Then he wrapped the barbwire around the barely conscious Jason’s face, shredding his lower face, and down around his neck.

Mitchell tightened the wire around Jason’s neck, watching blood pour out of Jason’s neck and the life leave Jason’s blue eyes. Once he was dead, he didn’t dare leave him out here where Marshall would find him and flee before he could finish the job. He pulled Jason’s body by the feet down to Jason’s office, the sound of barbwire scraping against the wooden floor a familiar sound to the four living witnessing this horror.

Mitchell went downstairs and waited. But unknown to him, Marshall had entered through the cracked door and seen him attacking Jason upstairs. He’d run back out the door with the intention of going for help only to run into Eryn upstairs. She’d chased him back into the woods and ensured he never came out. Her part in this as well as the loss of her ‘love’ was what tipped her over as she was a naïve person who guilt weighed on heavily.

After enough time that he worried about being caught here by someone other than Marshall had passed, he made his way out and headed home.

A flash of light surrounded them once more and they were back in Jason’s office.

But he wasn’t there. Worried about where he was, they all ran out into the hall just in time to see him step out of Justin’s room.

Justin stepped forward to hug him, needing the reassurance he was still there, before remembering that he was ghost and he would just pass right through him.

Ben asked, “You okay, Jason?”

Jason peered behind him into what had been his and Marshall’s room and was now Justin’s before nodding.

They looked behind him but didn’t see anything.

The lights in the hallway brightened before returning to normal and Jason pointed into the bedroom.

Ben, with the knowledge from his grandmother, gasped.

“Oh! You know what happened to you, you’ve gained the closure you needed. You see a light now, don’t you!”

Jason nodded, not smiling but eyes brighter than they’d seen them.

It was a bittersweet feeling. They’d become close to their ghostly housemate but were happy he’d finally gained his closure and would see Marshall once more.

They bid him farewell and Jason walked towards a light that became brighter and visible the closer he grew to it before he vanished into it.


About two weeks later- October 15:

Justin stretched his arms over his head, homework finally complete for the weekend. He nudged Ryan who was staring at his book catatonic.

“I think you need a break.”

Connor rubbed his face from where he’d been studying a medical book, “I think we all do.”

He looked up to see Justin staring at the whiteboard that had been untouched since Jason had left them two weeks before.

“Still miss him, huh?”

“Yeah. I don’t know, we grew so close in such a short amount of time. I know it’s silly but if he’d been alive, I think we’d worked out well.”

Ben commented, “I’d been thinking about that. I’ve wondered if maybe you are Marshall reborn.”

“You think?”

“We already know Daisy is Eryn reborn. There’s nothing that says you can’t be Marshall. You both died within a year of each other, deaths resolved.”

“Then it was fitting that we helped Jason get his closure then.”

“Speaking of Daisy, it’s been nice having a place she can’t get into.”

“Here, here.”

Even without Jason, the house still barred Daisy entrance as they’d realized when they’d had a small party for their living friends a week after Jason going into the light and she’d attempted to crash it.

“I’m just grateful there hasn’t been many questions about it.”

Before anyone could answer, there was three knocks on the front door.

“Uh, did anyone invite someone over?”

“Not me.”



Justin headed to the door, the other three following close behind.

When they opened the door, they received the shock of their life.

Standing on the front stoop, suitcase to his side, stood a tall young man, about their age, dark brown hair to his shoulders and very familiar royal blue eyes.

“Hello, my name is Jason McKay. My sister Shirly said there’d be room here for me to stay?”

“Uh, sure. Come in.”

There was another room in the wing with Ben, Ryan and Connor but first…

Ben asked, “What brings you here?”

“I’m studying architecture at the local university, a junior and just transferred there with my mom’s approval. She didn’t really want me back in the town of my uncle’s murder, but I managed to convince her.”

Before they could ask any more questions, a clearly living Jason smiled, “Hello Justin, Ben, Ryan and Connor. Nice to see you all again.”

“So, it’s really you? You’re reborn…?!”

Jason nodded to Justin’s question, “I’m now my sister’s son, it was the easiest way to get my home back in my possession. Technically this is my home now that I’m over 21 but I told my niece/sister that I wasn’t about to boot out the college students she’d rented the place to. I’d just move in with them.”

Justin grabbed onto Jason tightly, finally able to hug him and before they knew it, it was a large group hug, crashing to the ground as Jason couldn’t support four young men on him.

All sitting up, Ben did have one last question to ask, “Your name’s still Jason?”

“Yes. It was decided that my sister had had a surprise son a few years after my death and she’d chosen to name me after me. It was easier than me adjusting to a new name since I was being reborn so soon after passing into the light.”

“Why so soon?”

“I died 30 years ago. It was time for me to have another chance and since I’d started a new life by accident here already, I simply returned to it after resituating myself into my ‘new’ family.”

Justin stated, as he helped Jason up and grabbed his suitcase, “Well, we’re more than happy to have you back with us where you belong.”

With that, the boys headed upstairs, not even questioning that Jason would be moving back into his room with Justin, just as Jason McKay and Marshall Davidson had originally 30 years prior.

The End
©Paula Crofoot


Feel free to comment down below. I’d love to hear what ya’ll thought.

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 


Wishing you an eerie, spooky, hair-raising, spell-binding Halloween!.png

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Writing Prompts: Skeletal; Ocean; Die


_What the hell are you supposed to be__ the monster hunter asked in horror. The skeletal looking creature bared teeth in what looked like a smile, _I'm something new._


There are ghost towns in the ocean


_If that's what it takes to save the world, better to let the world die._


Have fun with those prompts, my shadows. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. 

On Thursday, Halloween, will be the final part of the Haunted College Boys. I never had time to write on Sunday and rather than rush out a small part on Monday, I decided to do one large piece on Halloween itself. So I’ll see ya’ll then. 

‘Til Next Time, Friends! 

Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to.





























































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Haunted College Boys: Part 7

Hey, ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven. I don’t have much today but I’m working on vacation pics, community page, shop pages and I’ve got a couple of pies/cakes I’ll be posting as well as Halloween crafts. 

Here is this week’s Monday Short Tale, the continuation of the Haunted College Boys arc. I expect there to be about two more installations. We’ll have part 8 next Monday and hte final piece on Wednesday the 31st, Halloween itself. 

The boys looked at each other, they hadn’t invited anyone over. Only a few people even knew they had their own place. The knock repeated once more.

Ben stood, “I supposed we should at least see who it is.”

Connor added, “It could be Ms. Jackson with more information.”

So while Jason, Justin, and Ryan waited in the dining room, Ben and Connor answered the door.

They were both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised to find Daisy Brown, Joanna Vogel and Bridget Powell.

They were among the few that knew of their new home, though they could’ve sworn no one had actually given them the address.

Joanna spoke first, “Hi boys! I hope you don’t mind the surprise visit. But we couldn’t wait to see your new home!”

Ben hid his frustration, knowing it would be easier to let them in and get rid of them after a short visit then try to block them. He had no doubt this visit was the idea of Daisy’s.

Joanna and Bridget weren’t too intolerable by themselves but with Daisy, they became mindless followers despite the show of Joanna being the leader. For whatever reason, Daisy had decided she wanted Justin despite the complete lack of attention from him.

Ben waved them in, “We don’t have long, we’re currently doing homework but we can visit for a few minutes.”

Daisy chirped, “That’s fine.”

Ben suppressed a grin as Connor rolled his eyes behind the girls.

They walked into the dining room, the girls not noticing but Ben and Connor were surprised to see the whiteboard blank.

Daisy noticed the board, “Oh! What’s this? For a calendar or something?”

Thankfully, Ryan thought fast.

“No. It’s for homework. That’s why the size. We might be studying different degrees but we can still bounce ideas off of one another.”

“Oh, of course.”

Ben noticed that Justin was distracted and peered to see what he was staring at. He frowned, unnoticed by the girls, when he saw that what Justin was staring at was Jason. Jason was clearly not happy. His eyes were pinned on the girls, angrily glaring at them.

As far as they knew, Jason had never met Daisy, Joanna or Bridget. So what was the problem.

Joanna looked around when she heard footsteps but didn’t see anyone moving as they’d all gathered around the dining room, making small talk. She was going to make an excuse for them to leave. It was pretty clear they weren’t really welcome, but they were being polite. But before she could…

Everyone jumped when one of the dining room table chairs fell over backwards.

Bridget stammered, “Um, why did that chair fall?”

The boys knew why, seeing Jason behind the chair but feigned cluelessness.

A cold wind blew through the house, nearly bowling them all over, actually knocking Daisy over. Bridget immediately helped Daisy up while Joanna questioned where the wind had come from.

The boys shrugged, Jason hadn’t moved so they didn’t know where the wind had come from.

Joanna declared, moving towards the front door, “I think we should go.”

Bridget agreed but Daisy said, “What about the boys. We can’t leave them while this stuff is happening.”

She moved towards Justin, reaching out to grasp his arm.

The fallen chair moved into her path, tripping her. Even if Justin had wanted to try to catch her, he didn’t dare move as Jason stood between Daisy and him, angry eyes focused on Daisy, peering at Justin to see his reaction.

Daisy climbed to her feet, shaking. She moved towards Justin once more but the front door slammed open, vase on the entry table falling off and shattering.

Joanna grabbed Daisy’s arm, getting the clue, “I think we need to go, Daisy.”

Daisy attempted to protest but Joanna cut her off, “Now!”

She pulled Daisy out, Bridget willingly following. As soon as Bridget’s foot crossed the threshold, the door slammed shut, lock clicking into place.

Jason moved to the window in the front room, watching as the three girls climbed into the red car at the curb and pulled away.

The boys looked at each other, waiting for a few minutes.

Finally, Justin approached Jason.

“Uh, what was that all about?”

Jason turned, royal blue eyes calm once more.

He walked into the dining room, the four boys following.

Ben and Connor blinked, once more the board was covered in the previous writing.

Ben pointed, even as Jason picked up the red marker, “Uh-wha??”

Justin snickered, “I’m not sure how but Jason covered the writing and made it blank as soon as we realized who was at the door.”

Just then, squeaks took over the room and they watched as Jason wrote his explanation.

‘I don’t know her. But I don’t like her. She’s bad. I don’t know how; I don’t know why but she is not welcome here anymore. I don’t want her in my home, I don’t want her near any of you.’

Jason left out that he especially didn’t want her near Justin for some reason. 

Ryan commented, “I have no issue barring her from here but how are we supposed to keep her out? Now that she’s been here, with her friends Bridget and Joanna, she’s going to expect to be let back in.”

Before Ben or Justin, the more social of the four boys, could answer, Jason answered.

‘This is my home, even with you living here. I bar her entry; she physically cannot enter.’

Justin surprised them all by cheering.

They saw the confused look on Jason’s face and realized that he didn’t know the backstory.

Connor filled him in, “For whatever reason, starting back in freshman year, Daisy has been obsessed with Justin. They’re not even remotely close to the same degree studies. Justin’s B.A while she’s B.S. in political studies.”

“Honestly, she’s one step away from obsessed stalker needing a restraining order.”

‘Do you believe in reincarnation.’

“Uh, sure…?”

That was something out of the blue, Ben answered in the affirmative, Justin unsure while Ryan and Connor were simply puzzled.

‘I think she may be someone reincarnated from when I was alive.’

“You were alive only 30 years ago. She had to have passed away soon after you did if she is connected to your living past.”

‘Like I said, I don’t remember anyone from when I was alive except Marshall.’

Ryan latched onto the clue, writing it on the board.

“Okay, so presuming she is someone reincarnated from your life and kept her gender; then we can look for someone in this town that passed away 25-30 years ago. Perhaps if you hear a name, memories will come back.”

‘Makes logical sense.’

The other three agreed and Connor had another idea.

“You know what, this town went under a population boom around 15 or so years ago. Maybe we can pull a census from 30 years ago and go over the names. It won’t be that many people.”

Justin added, “We can further narrow the census down by looking in this area of town. I know where I grew up, I pretty much didn’t know anyone not in my part of town as school, events, stores, were all populated by the same people in the area.”

‘We have a plan, then.’

“We’ll stop by the city hall on Monday, they’ll be closed to the public tomorrow as it’s Sunday, and get the census. We’ll go over it Monday evening.”

That’s all for now! What will we find out next Monday about Jason’s life? We’ll see… 

‘Til Next Time, Friends!

If the Broom Fits, Fly it!

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Lola’s Blog Tours: Shadow Prophet

Hey, Ya’ll! Welcome back to Simply Paradise & Haven! Today’s a special post. I signed up with Lola’s Blog Tours to be a part of the book blitz for Shadow Prophet by Andrea Pearson. Now, I haven’t read the book just yet but it’s at the top of my TBR pile and I’ll be posting a review here when I’m done. 

Shadow Prophet banner

My particular stop on the tour has a special excerpt from the book you can only find on the stops of the book tour and in the look inside on Amazon.

Now, without further ado, here’s the info on the book including a special excerpt. 


Book blitz Shadow Prophet by Andrea Pearson

This is my stop during the book blitz for Shadow Prophet by Andrea Pearson. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 15 till 19 October. See the tour schedule here: http://www.lolasblogtours.net/book-blitz-shadow-prophet-by-andrea-pearson

Special release day price of 99 cent and special download bonuses!
Shadow Prophet is the first book in Andrea Pearson’s new Midnight Chronicles series. It’s only 99 cents for a limited time. And as a way to celebrate this new release Andrea Pearson has some special download bonuses that you’ll receive for free if you buy a copy of the book. All the information about the download bonuses can be found in the book.

Shadow Prophet (Midnight Chronicles #1)
By Andrea Pearson
Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Fantasy Romance
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 15 October 2019

Bound to destroy the woman he loves…

Abel hasn’t seen Lizzie in at least seven years, and his experiences since then have changed him significantly. He’s sure he’s moved past his earlier crush, that he’s immune to her carefree and bubbly personality, but the moment his eyes land on her, he knows he’s still in love.

Instead of a joyful reunion, though, he only suffers agony at being in her presence again.

Because he’s being blackmailed into murdering her.

And there’s no way out. The Shadow Prophet has vowed to kill everyone Abel holds dear if he doesn’t complete the job. Abel has tried everything he can think of to break the contract, but nothing has worked, and he has nowhere else to turn.

Complicating things further, he gets recruited by a second client to help Lizzie achieve an impossible mission. One where they must work closely together while hunting immortal demons. One that will either destroy him or force him to kill her before he’s found a way out—before he’s ready to do it.

But how can a man ever be ready to murder the woman he loves?

If you enjoy high-stakes fantasy action, romance with a hint of angst, and fast-moving paranormal stories, you’ll love Shadow Prophet, book one in an addictive fantasy series. Grab your copy now!

You can find Shadow Prophet on Goodreads: Goodreads

You can buy Shadow Prophet here:
Barnes and Nobles

You’ll receive free download bonuses when you pre-order or buy a copy of the book! The download bonuses can be found in the book.



I refused to look in her eyes as I pulled the knife from her now-still heart and wiped the blade, her blood staining the fresh white cloth I’d brought just for this purpose.
She hadn’t struggled.
None of them had yet, though I wasn’t sure why.
My heart thudded dully against my ribs, making me choke on unwanted emotions. I wouldn’t allow myself to think, to feel. Not yet.
Before her magical powers could flow away, I removed a vial from my backpack, holding it against her temple and chanting words I’d memorized months earlier.
A silver-blue, steam-like gas flowed through her skin like smoke from dry ice. With gentle waves of my other hand, I encouraged it to enter the vial, then put the cap on and very carefully tucked it back into its protected pouch for later retrieval.
Five down.
Two to go.
The last two would be the hardest.
I still couldn’t believe I’d ever done the first.
Finally, with my jaw clenched, I looked at her face, so stricken now in death. It had been happy, excited even when she’d granted me access to her apartment. I reached over and closed her eyelids, hating that I was the last thing she’d seen.
I’m so sorry. I cleared my throat and shook my head. Plead my case when you get there. I hope you’ll understand.
I took a shuddering breath before lurching to my feet and stumbling away from the body.
No one would miss her, not for a very long time, regardless of how powerful she was or how well known or loved.
He had seen to all those details a long time ago.
I made sure my things were packed away before pulling my phone from my pocket and sending a quick text to the number I’d saved in my device a few days earlier.
It’s ready.

Grab Discern for free!


Disappearances at a popular national park… Monsters from another dimension… And Nicole can’t use her magic. What could possibly go wrong?

Barnes & Noble

About the Author:

Andrea Pearson

Andrea Pearson is an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast who plays several instruments, not including the banjo. Her favorite sports are basketball and football, though several knee surgeries and incurably awful coordination prevent her from playing them.

Andrea graduated from BYU with a bachelor of science degree in Communications Disorders. She is the author of many full-length novels and novellas. Writing is the chocolate of her life – it is, in fact, the only thing she ever craves. Being with her husband and children is where she’s happiest, and she loves thunderstorms, the ocean, hiking, public speaking, painting, and traveling.

You can find and contact Andrea Pearson here:
– Website: http://www.andreapearsonbooks.com/
– Blog: http://andreapearsonbooks.blogspot.com/
– Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/authorandrea
– Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AndreaPearsonAuthor
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/andreapearson2
– Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1909134.Andrea_Pearson
– Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Andrea-Pearson/e/B005CF5NQ4/
– Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/andrea-pearson
– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andreapearsonauthor/
– Newsletter: http://andreapearsonbooks.com/myfreebooks.html

Shadow Prophet final

To celebrate the release of Shadow prophet Andrea Pearson is running a big giveaway. There will 9 winners!
– 1 winner will win the Grand Prize which contains 22 of Andrea Pearson’s books in print.
– 5 winners will win a copy of The Glimpses CD
– 3 winners will win a $5 digital gift card to Amazon.com or through PayPal/Venmo

For a chance to win, fill out this form 
All details about the giveaway can be found there as well.

banner Lola's Blog Tours
Lola’s Blog Tours


‘Til Next Time, Friends!